{Virtual Coffee}

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Hello there.
Good morning and happy Tuesday.
Ready for coffee?

I just realized that we only have two more Virtual Coffees until school starts.
How is this possible?
How is it that time already?
So if we were really meeting for coffee this morning ...

 I would tell you that the above has made me realize we really need to try and
savor these last two weeks of Summer the best we can. 
Today we looked over our Summer List to see what we still needed/wanted to do.
Some just aren't gonna happen; there really aren't any kids movies at the Drive-In right now, 
we may not go roller skating and we keep forgetting to buy those dominoes Wyatt wants.
And our Backyard Party which involves an outdoor movie on the projector and is really 
secretly on my Summer List, will probably not be until September when it is much cooler out.
Other than that, I am feeling pretty good about our progress.

Now that it is August I am back to watching my nieces again one day a week.
So until school starts that is four girls and then Wyatt. In his defense, I think he does pretty good
 being the only boy most of the time. After school starts though he & my oldest niece will both
 be in school so I will have Charlotte, the 3-year old and the baby who is not quite five months old yet.
It's a little crazy but actually the kids play very well together and it gives them lots of
 cousin bonding time.

The last week or so Charlotte has really been into her baby dolls, which are actually my 
Cabbage Patch Kids form when I was a kid. The dolls have quite the extensive wardrobe that my mom made for them years ago and then we recently hit the mother load of doll clothes at a rummage sale recently but that might just require a post all it's own.
She likes changing their clothes and then pretends to take their pictures.

Doll carrier made by mom too, oh how I LOVED this.
Another realization I have come to this week is that I have not done a third of the things I wanted to accomplish this Summer. You know how you start off the Summer with pipe dreams of organizing closets and drawers and going through clothes and painting rooms and then when Summer is 
nearly over you realize you did none of it? 
Well, maybe you did do some of it, but I didn't.
I hate that.
Oh well... maybe this Fall?

I briefly mentioned our little get-away last week to St. Louis for a few days that we somehow managed to squeeze in between Charlotte coming down with the virus-with-a-rash-that-mimics-chicken-pox-but -isn't (whatever) and me getting the flu. Not sure how that happened, but we did it.
I have a bunch of pictures to share from that as well but for now I will just share a few of my favorite iphone pictures, I think the St. Louis pictures might require two posts all it's own.

It's amazing how just a few days away from home can do for you. 
We had so much fun, we did a lot but had time to just relax too and I think it was just the little break 
we all needed....Not that I wouldn't kill for an adults only get-away though, because I totally would. 

Well, that's about it for me today. 
Tell me what is going on with you in your little corner of the world...
Is the end of Summer vacation coming soon for you, too?
*Oh--reminder, Ten on Ten is tomorrow.
Have a great day everyone, thanks for stopping by today!


  1. Little girls and their dolls are always so divine.

    Your 'end of summer' means my 'beginning of spring', which makes me a lot happy! Sorry about that Amy! x

  2. PS - THANK YOU for the ten on ten reminder. I have been wanting to do this for so long and keep forgetting! x

  3. What great pictures! How cute of Charlotte to be like that with her babydolls :) I can't believe summer is basically over, but I'm glad you accomplished most of your Summer List, even if that didn't involve reorganizing old closets. Have a great day, and thanks for coffee!

  4. I, too, am holding tight to these last weeks of summer, squeeeeeeeezing it all out and in!

  5. I love your post and the photos! Especially the savor summer one. Glad you had a nice visit to St Louis and that you are all feeling better now. The dolls are great-- and especially all the homemade accessories and clothes for them. I love watching kids and their imaginative play. Looking forward to seeing more of your photos from your trip. We are trying to fit in as much on our summer list as we can in the next few weeks (Thank you for inspiring me to create a list!)
    I don't see the linky thing to add our Virtual Coffee posts to yours-- I'll check back later. Have a great one!

  6. I love the baby doll carrier! My sister-in-law made a sling for my girls' dolls. They love it.

    We haven't been to St. Louis in years. Their zoo is still one of my favorite zoos (and I have been to quite a few now).

    Thanks for the coffee. It is nice to catch up again.

  7. We start school tomorrow..... I'm in mourning. I love the "savor summer" photos..... gorge! I'm going to attempt 10 on 10 tomorrow.... first day of school, back to work, I may have trouble remembering!

  8. i actually did a post today:


  9. Love your little summer photo shoot :) Our summer list is going well too, but we won't get everything done either. Summer goes way too fast!! Glad you had a fun little getaway...my hubby and I are going to Duluth this weekend and I can't wait! Have a great day, sweet girl :)

  10. Love the cabbage patch kids and their extensive wardrobe. Makes me reminisce of when I was a girl.... ;o) I think cousin play dates rock! I wish we lived near our cousins we'd have LOADS of play dates. I love your blog!

  11. as always wonderful to share coffee with you - LOVE all the pics :)
    tho' can't see where the link up thingy is... is blogger still being a pain???

  12. Hey Amy....as always, your pictures are beautiful! Love them. :-) Our summer comes to an end next week I guess...my little guy starts school. I'm a little bummed about it--I'll miss hearing his pitter-patter footsteps running through the house and the sounds of firetrucks and trains loudly ringing all day. But, I am so looking forward to the fall...it's my favorite season!! Also ready for some cooler temperatures--we're melting down here in South Texas in this summer heat. :-)

    Happy Tuesday!

  13. Ooh I really love all those old-timey, nostalgic photos at the end!! I can't believe summer is almost over already. It seems like just a week ago everyone was saying how excited they were it was finally summer after such a long winter. Why does time have to fly so stinkin' FAST? I long for the days when summer seemed interminable. Hope you enjoy your last couple of weeks!

  14. i can't believe you're almost to the end of summer yet & i still haven't dropped over!!
    i have been plotting and i don't feel like we are done for summer here at all!!
    selective english weather!

    love the pickies of st.louis- what a place- looks fab...you could have spent days photogr it i'm sure...

    i've pinned two of them today as i looove them so much and you MUST frame at least the last one- sigh!!!

    will have my catch-up with a virtual vino tonight!

    melissa xx

  15. Summer vaca is almost over here, too. We start on Sept 6th though. I adored all these shots & I'm savoring summer, too.

    PS. our summer bucket list has a couple way-out-there goals, too. lol

  16. can't wait for the St. Louis photos! What town do you live in again?!
    We are starting school on Monday! WE didn't get through all of our summer list but we did do alot of it! and LOTS of pool time!!!
    take care!

  17. My mom has our old cabbage patch dolls at her house for the grandkids to play with. It's kind of weird and beautiful at the same time.

    Thanks for the coffee today!

  18. oh man cabbage patch dolls... I wonder what my mom did with mine... will investigate when I get over stateside in november! Love the baby carrier!

  19. I used to love my cabbage patch dolls..thanks for the memory xx

  20. Ah, Cabbage Patch dolls take me way back. I had one who was a "premie;" his name was Cory. I wish I knew what happened to him.

    Hope you're having a fabulous week so far.

  21. I know I can't believe school is starting soon. Ugh...for us it means millions of crazy college kids will be invading. Yuck. I'm digging Charlotte's pictures. Just like mommy. So cute. Well savor the rest of your summer and thanks for coffee.


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