This Week...

Sunday, August 14, 2011

I've got plans for this week.
It's the last week of Summer Vacation.
There are things I want to do with the kids, a book I want to start reading and things I need
 to get done around here.
I've got big plans, I'm telling ya.
I have seen so many people doing the August Break thing and I thought about it for half a second
 but decided to just do a week of scheduled posts instead.
So you might feel like I am still here and I will be popping in, I'm not gonna even pretend that
 I am going to be completely unplugged,
but I will be around a whole lot less, which will be a good thing for me.

This might sound kind of of sad (because a. i obviously spend too much tome on the computer and
 b. i take way too many pictures) BUT I have probably about 8 blog posts just waiting to be published.
 Like completely done and ready to go.

I know a lot of people talk about having nothing to say, not wanting to force themselves to
blog, etc. and I am sure one day I will feel that way too...but really? I hardly ever do.
Not in nearly two years.
I mean, I might not feel like it for a day or two, so I don't blog, but that's it.
Is that weird?
I feel like I always have something to say and pictures to share. 
Don't get it twisted though, 
I don't think I have much of any real importance to share or say,
but I do have something to say I guess and I feel better when I do.

And on the days I don't feel like it then I just don't blog, simple as that.
But, there are definitely days where I am working on a post about a lovely day away with the kids and fun family time full of wonderful pictures... you know, a "life-is-so-grand" post but in reality I am feeling grouchy and stressed and feeling like a bad mom so I just can't fake it by putting a super-happy post right out there in that moment. So I don't. Which is another reason for the stored-up blog posts.

But this blog is for me.
It is my is a creative outlet, a social outlet and therapy for me.
It's just for me, I am doing this for no other reason other than I like it.
And I like having something just for me.
I think we all need something just for us.

So this week I am focusing on other things.
Like knocking a couple last things off our Summer List, having cousins sleep-over, 
celebrating my birthday, working on a few little projects and trying to get some good sleep in there.
And by the way, I truly appreciate all of the advice/ideas on my post about my dreadful sleeping issues.
 I am trying no tv right before bed and as soon as I remember to pick it up, I am going to try melatonin and I am NOT giving up on getting up early in the morning to exercise. Not yet anyway.
My goal is to exercise 4 days this week, morning, noon or night, I'm going to do it.
I hope everyone has a great week!

There will be no Virtual Coffee this week but I will be back next Tuesday,
 August 23 bright and early for coffee. See ya then!

PS-- Sunflowers make me really happy.
PPS- Time to sign off so I can watch Eat, Pray, Love. 


  1. Your sunflower photos are wonderful.

    enjoy this last week with your kids!
    Those are the best times in life.

    Enjoyed visiting,

    White Spray Paint

  2. Have a great week! Your post is exactly how I think. I love it!

  3. Enjoy your week! And I don't think it's weird at all, but instead rather lovely that you always have something to share with us. And I love that blogging and wonderful photos is your outlet for doing so. Good luck getting to sleep and sticking to the exercise. I wish I could watch Eat, Pray, Love with you!

  4. Enjoy your last days of summer. Now I know how you manage to be such a prolific blogger - insomnia. Not much I'm hoping you kick it in the butt. Rest - sleep well and have fun.

  5. Great post, very positive and uplifting, thanks. Also love the film Eat Pray love, it's so much better then the book. Gotta love Julia Roberts xxx

  6. hi lovely - have a week off with the kiddos and enjoy every little last drop of summer school holidays-

    i totally agree with you- come & go if and when you like and when you *feel* like posting something...
    we're all still gonna be here!!

    the sunflowers are completely lovely with the sunshine though them- how can they not make you smile..we have a gorgeous farm with a bunch of kids living in it btw us and the next village- i love this farm -it's garden has soccer goals and a trampoline and a big vege garden and washing blowing around every day...over the summer i have watched a big *wall* of sunflowers open along their fence line- the kids love going past it!

    Are these one yours??

    Melissa xx

  7. I totally agree with having a blog that's YOURS - no agenda, no viewpoint to sell - just an expression of the creative instinct that lives in all of us! Mine is cheap therapy and, like you, I've had few days when I can't think of anything to write! Keep up the good work!


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