{Virtual Coffee...and a Hillbilly Latte}

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

It's Tuesday, it's Tuesday...
Ready for coffee?
I am but I have to tell you, I have not been looking as forward to my morning coffee
 as usual because my steamer/frother thingy on my espresso machine is broke.
So, let me tell you how I have been making it the last two weeks, don't laugh though.
I make my espresso as usual, then I fill my regular coffee cup with a little milk
(but not as much as I did before), then heat it in the microwave for about two minutes.
Then I pour a little (I never measure) milk in a glass Mason jar with a lid and shake it for like a minute.
Yep, you read that right, I shake it by hand, really good. Hence, the hillbilly part.
Add espresso to the coffee cup of milk then scoop frothy milk out of Mason jar with a spoon and
add lots of cinnamon. I love cinnamon and can never have enough.
I think I am going to coin this The Hillbilly Latte...whatcha think?

Sunday afternoon the kids and I went to a little town festival/art fair thing while Eric was
home painting the front porch. I'm not going to go on and on about what a wonderful day we had because honestly I was a bit grouchy, the kids fought way too much, the festival wasn't quite the way they made it sound online, Wyatt spilled a whole cup of lemonade on me as soon as he got it and my foot stuck to my flip-flop every time I took a step for the next couple of hours.... 
and yeah, I was a bit grouchy. 
My only favorite part of the little festival was the old cars, I love, love, love
the old ones from the 1950's. And check this one out...it's like a sign, right?
Like I should have it.

Oh and the best part about Sunday was that I thought I would go home a different way (ha)
 but actually got a bit lost and went about a half hour in the wrong direction but ended up right in front of an antique mall twenty minutes before they were about to close.
Yeah, so the whole getting lost in the country thing never really bothers me, I love drives
 through the country and it ended up being good anyway.
I scored a vintage camera, a couple little Holly Hobby bowls and some super cool
 vintage birthday candles. It was good.
And we will be going back on purpose, not on accident, because we didn't even
 get half way through the place.

So, that was our exciting weekend.
How was yours...did you do anything fun?
If we were really meeting for coffee I would have to ask about school...
Have you started yet?  How is it going?
And if not, when do you start?
We are into our second week now and it is going well.
Wyatt likes his teacher a lot and he seems to be adjusting fine.
We have preschool orientation for the little lady Thursday, along with dentist appointments
 for both kids. She starts school next Wednesday so I am going to have to come up 
with a plan to keep myself busy next week.

Well, that's about all for me this morning....I'm going to finish my coffee out on the patio while the kids climb the tree playing indians..then in a few minutes I will remember that I didn't even fix
 Wyatt's lunch yet and it's time to leave for school and we're gonna be late.  Cause that's how I roll ; )
 Hope everyone has a great Tuesday and thanks so much for taking time to stop here in my
 little spot for coffee this morning!!


  1. Thanks for keeping it real. Sometimes the planned part of day trips just don't go according to shedule but then you wind up falling into something else that is way more fun anyway. Lifes like that...What a beautiful drive you ended up on and the pictures are beautiful. The kiddos start school here this week, too. That means more traffic on the freeway for me, Ugh! I love your hillbilly coffee, it really is quite ingenious. Shake it manually, really? lol

  2. That car is most definitely a sign, it was made especially for you, it even has tyour name on it! haha xxx

  3. well, i've been AWOL for a while, but i've missed you...
    so good to share coffee again :)

  4. We've had a few outings like that. There was the time we drove an hour and a half to the tulip festival and ended up spending more time in lines to various porta-johns than we did actually looking at tulips. That was a good time. Oddly enough, we haven't gone back to the tulip festival since . . .

  5. I'll have me one of those hillbilly lattes, with a side of antiques. My goodness just where do you find so many interesting wrinkles in time?!

  6. you MUST have that car! it's only right, don't they know who you are!!?? ;) also i would be freaking out about the sticky flip-flop. that plus fighting kids? ew. you deserved more than 20 min of antique therapy, my friend. wish i was on top of things to link up today! alas, i am not.

  7. That is how must of our outings go these days. It is impossible to find activities that everyone enjoys doing these days. I love the vintage car pic..... I can totally see that as your new blog banner shot!!!

  8. Hi there. =) I am so glad you find my blog so i found yours. Thank you for your kind words. I love taking photos of my life and my children and thats my biggest hobby i guess. =) Love your sunset photos. they are just soooo lovely.

    Over and out. =) Seee ya!

  9. i love old cars too...great photos. and your hillbilly coffee sounds delish to me. :)

  10. I think you should 1. trademark the Hillbilly Latte and 2. buy that car, because that's TOTALLY a sign.

    As for the day trip debacle, sometimes great things come out of crappy situations. AWESOME find on the antique place!

    And my MIL came this weekend...come to thing about it I didn't even write about it in my post...oops!

    Well, thanks for coffee and have a GREAT week!

  11. We finished day 10 of school yesterday, but today we went on a field trip to the Zoo! it was so fun and beautiful weather!
    ha ha about the hillbilly coffee drink! toO CUTE!

  12. I love looking at old cars! Beautiful pictures!

  13. Hooray for taking the long (lost) way home!

  14. Loving the hillbilly latte! Speaking of Latte, what kind of espresso machine do you have. I had a really cheap one along time ago and it didnt work right. I used to work in a coffee shop, so I am used to the big fancy ones that are hooked up to the water line. If you have one you recommend I would love to know which one! I am enjoying linking up to your Coffee Tuesday...Enjoy the rest of your week.

  15. Oh my gosh! I am making myself a hillbilly latte in the morning! You are awesome!

  16. So cute the way the cows are looking at you looking at them! And the car IS pretty perfect. Love your blog by the way-long time reader, first time poster=) Melinda~

  17. I so want to make that latte....must try tomorrow! Great pictures yet again :) Thanks for hosting!

  18. That car makes me think of Don's Cadillac in Mad Men.

  19. Talk about late, this week I'm as late as they come! But unreliable connections on vacation does that, so I have a good excuse! I love the hillbilly latte, we really don't need all the technology we use, do we? Also, it's great how a grouchy day had an unexpectedly good ending due to a wrong turn, for everything there is a reason, I guess.
    We're starting preschool next wednesday, I'm a little sniffly already.

  20. Hi Amy! I love the way you make your "Hillbilly Latte"-- necessity i s the mother of invention! However, for myself-- I'm not a big fan of the foam/frothy part-- something about the texture. How cool that you saw the old car with "Lucky 13" on it! That's a great shot with the kids in front of the car. I can relate to feeling grouchy this week with the kids and the bickering (especially after spending the week sharing a hotel room with them)-- we tried to get out as much as we could. School starts for us tomorrow-- yippee!! (It was postponed a full week due to all the power outages and treess down across roads). I'm not sure what I'll do first with my "free" time (probably hit the sewing machine)-- but at the same time, I know its going to seem very quiet without them and I'll miss them). I like your photos of the country! Have a great week! Thanks for coffee!


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