Wanted :: A Date

Monday, August 29, 2011

Okay guys...who's coming with me?
I will buy the popcorn and twizzlers and even your $8.00 diet coke.
Or smuggle a flask in for you (it is a long movie) because I am a good friend like that.
How fun would this be?
This might take a bit of convincing to get the husband to go with me but I know he would,
it just might not be as much fun...
Anyone? Anyone? Anyone?

ps- I am not a loud talker during movies, I sware!


  1. I love going to the movies but James hates it so we never go, I have now decided to start going on my own, how sad is that! but it has got to a point that I have had enough of missing out so I'm taking action haha, hope you find someone to go with and enjoy the film xxx

  2. If money grew on trees I'd SO be there!! :-) Enjoy!!

  3. I totally understand about the hubby not wanting to go. He has never gone to a "chic" flick with me, so I usually end up waiting till they come out on DVD or Netflix! Hope you find someone to go with you!

  4. Gone with the wind is one of my all time favorite movies. I would so go with you if I were close by chica. OMG! Why can't any of our cinemas play cool stuff like that?!?

  5. Oh, count me in. . .if only:)

    Love the movie and to be able to see it on "the big screen". .. sigh!

    Hope you get to go!

  6. um. you KNOW i just stared at my screen for like a solid minute trying to figure out exactly how much money it would cost me to go with you to that movie, right?

    it is my ALL TIME favorite movie...ever.

  7. Shauna!!!! did you get that figured out yet?

  8. shauna, andrea, gabe, alita---i wish you guys all really could could come......how much fun would that be!!?? : )

  9. I would love to see Gone With Wind on the big screen. How lucky are you?

  10. I'll go....I'll go...It would be my kizillionth time but, who's counting.
    Have fun...
    xo bj

  11. I'd love to join you! That is one of my favorite movies - seen it many, many times, but never in a theatre. I'll hop on my private jet to meet you there ;-)

  12. before i saw the comments on this post, i read it and thought, "oh my gosh i bet shauna is going to be dying to go." ;) i'll vouch that it is her fave. its offensive to her that i've never read the book or seen the movie!


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