Whining, Not Wine

Monday, August 8, 2011

I'm trying to balance the whiny post with a few pretty pictures, let me know if it works, k?

So early last week we thought Charlotte had the chicken pox, we got her into the dr. the morning we were heading out of town for a few days. They said they thought it was a virus, with a rash-like pox that mimics chicken pox, but not chicken pox.
  Ummm...I don't know, I still kinda think it could be chicken pox.

And a couple of people asked last week; she did have the chicken pox vaccine but you can still get it, 
it's usually a more mild case though.
BUT, we got the okay to go and she assured us Charlotte wasn't contagious so off 
we went to St. Louis for a few days.

Anyway, she seemed fine while we were gone but I just wish I knew for sure because I have been worrying about other people getting the chicken pox from her, namely my sweet little
4-month old niece I watch on Mondays.

Fast forward to Friday.
Wyatt and I were out running errands and stuff, we get home, I start cleaning the house and changing all the sheets on the beds because one of my friends was coming to stay that night and all of a sudden
 I am sick, out of nowhere.
I come down with the worst stomach flu and stayed in bed pretty much all weekend.
By the middle of the day Sunday I was finally up and feeling much better.
It was the weekend of my High School Reunion though and I missed it all. I haven't had the flu in at least three years or more but I got it this weekend. 
The funny thing is,  I wasn't looking that forward to the Reunion in the first place,
 I was going but kind of felt like it was more of an obligation rather than being really excited about it,
 but once I knew I couldn't go I realized I didn't want to have to miss it.
That's kind of how it usually works out though, huh?
My two best girlfriends were in town for it and we had plans to all go together and they
 were going to have fun without me, that's the worst part.
I would pour myself a glass of wine and woller in self-pity while looking at all of the reunion
 pictures on facebook but my stomach isn't quite ready for wine yet so you get to listen
 to me whine instead. Lucky you.

There was a big festival going on in town over the weekend that I missed too, luckily though
Thursday night I was driving home from somewhere and stopped to take a few quick
 pictures of the Carnival. I love pictures of the Carnival usually more than I love the actual Carnival.
So that was my weekend, try not to be too jealous.
I have to admit, I did get sucked into Swamp People during my 38+ hours in bed though, 
I had never seen it before and I watched way too many episodes in a row.
Tuesday I will be back with lots of pictures of our little get-away and Virtual Coffee.
See ya then!
ps- school starts exactly two weeks from today. eeeek! 


  1. yuck!! i loathe the stomache flu...there's very few things i dislike more. i actually have a phobia thing about throwing up...always have...yuck! so sorry you missed all the fun stuff :( and i'm with you on the carni thing...pictures are nice. the actual thing? not so much...

  2. I'm glad Charlotte doesn't have chicken pox, but that sucks about the flu!! Hope you're feeling better soon!

  3. I agree, I like carnival photos more than actual carnivals. My sons are obsessed with Swamp People. Feel better!

  4. Don't worry, we didn't have as much fun as we would have if you had been there!! So glad to hear you are feeling better!

  5. ya poor lovely thing!!

    murphy's law!! (i'm assuming even the yankees say that??)

    your pickies are as gorgeous as ever- we have one of these up a few villages, on the beach, from us- you commented on them in my beachy post with the soon-to-be-stolen deckchairs...you've inspired me to go hang out and take some photos there...

    hope you feeling well enough for that glass of vino & FB trawling now!

    Melissa xx

  6. Life gets you like that. I've only had flu twice and one was when I was on a plane heading home to Blighty (6 days spent on the couch)... Hope you feel better soon and hope your little ones are okay too. It's been a Summer for bizarre illnesses... my two have had crazy 104 temperatures! Take care. Lx

  7. That totally sucks! I'm really sorry your weekend was ruined. But, to try and put a positive spin on it (my mission in life) you got to watch a lot of uninterrupted tv and you kind of did a two day detox, so you're probably much healthier now than you started out!
    (Ok, I know that isn't much of a positive spin, but I didn't have a lot to work with!)

  8. Ooo...hate the stomach flu. Hope you are feeling better. That can take awhile to get to feeling like yourself again.
    Love all of these photos of the carnival & the processing is just perfect for them!

  9. The pictures are fab...my daughter got the chicken pox despite the vaccine and it was like she had the flu...doc only gave a 50/50 diagnosis but said likely she did have it but didn't know for sure!! xx

  10. Beautiful pictures.

    Bad string of sucky luck.

    I'm sorry, chica.


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