Favorite Days.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Happy, happy Sunday everyone.
We are enjoying a lazy, lazy morning around here.
Still in our pajamas, cartoons, coffee....I love lazy Sundays.

These pictures from this afternoon a few weeks ago is tucked away in my mind under Favorite Days.
Actually it would really be Favorite Moments or Favorite Hours,
 because it wasn't a whole day, but that's okay, it's still a favorite.

These are the rest of the photos from our time in the country; Apple Picking part Two.
Check out the vintage Kodak camera I found at at an antique mall the day we got a little lost.
Remember that?  I think it was worth it just for this camera.
I'm not sure if Charlotte ever realized he wasn't really taking her picture, so she posed away.
I love when I am able to capture the kids like this, so natural...just playing,
exploring, running around, climbing, being silly and just having fun...
you know, no begging or bribing necessary for them to pose or look at me.

Just an hour to roam around my aunt and uncle's land is all I needed to feel refreshed and
at peace-on that day anyway, on that day it was more than enough.
You know, I talk a lot about my dream of living in the country one day and, well...even if I never
 get there I am so thankful to have family with just the place I need to go get away
from it all,  if only for an hour or an afternoon.

Look at Miss Charlotte actually skipping down the lane, I love it.

Anyone else have the urge to visit an apple orchard now?
Or just go play in the country for a while?
 I think a trip to the orchard might be on our agenda for later this week.
Are you doing anything fun today?
Have a wonderful day.


  1. that bee...wow! lovin' the camera. perfect prop:) gorgeous day.

  2. Love, love, love these photos! Kids are cute as a button and the shot of the hovering bee is stunning! I love the delicate sunlight you've caught in the hair of your young ones. Really precious moments!

    My Sunday consisted of photo-editing... got lots of shots of London. Feel free to check out the blog in a few days for a photo update :)

    This Good Life

  3. Beautiful pictures of some mighty cute kids. We went to the orchard yesterday -- it was parents' weekend at both of my kids' colleges. So we grabbed both and headed to a neutral zone (can't show favorites, you know!).

  4. love the camera in the tree photo!

  5. Hi Amy! It's so nice to meet you!! Do you know how I am able to meet you? Because you entered the ART giveaway and YOU WON!!!!!!

    I'm so happy for you! and I can't wait to meet you....

    your blog is so great - and your photography skills are amazing!! (p.s. what a great header!)

    God bless!
    Anne Marie

  6. Hi Amy!

    Just saw you won the giveaway over at Nada...so thought I would pop over to see what a fellow Illinois blogger has goin' on! Such a {cute} blog...and I agree with Anne Marie, that is one fabulous header, my friend! ;o)

    Congrats...maybe I will see you there!


  7. What a lovely blog! I just popped over from Nada and I am so glad I did. I read back several pages and will return to read more, but my coffee cup is empty and I am in dire need today of caffeine so I don't fall asleep in the car at a stop light. Not a good plan...
    Congratulations! Have a wonderful time at the farm..

  8. Congrats Amy saw your win over at Nada farm!
    You are going to so enjoy your holiday! these ladies really inspire creatively!

    come visit, I am so enjoying the beauty you share over here.


  9. Such a perfect family kinda day. An Apple orchard looks fab from here! Happy Autumn to you. We are busy welcoming Spring here and fittingly are off to greet dome baby chucks at the farm tomorrow! x


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