apple picking

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

monday afternoon the kids and i drove to the country to my aunt & uncle's to get tomatoes
 from their garden for our supper that night.
it was a beautiful, sunny day and i might have bribed the kids (just a little) 
to cooperate for a little photo shoot...and it totally worked. 
and do you see that they are wearing long sleeves?
 i can't believe it considering just a couple days earlier it was over 100*.

if you have been reading here for a while, you know how i feel about the country.
i love being in the country.
the quietness, the fields, the sky, the simplicity, the wide open spaces...
i feel content when i am there in an at-home kind of way... if that makes sense.
would i love it as much if i actually lived there?
i don't know,  but some day i hope to find out.

we did get our tomatoes but we had a lot more fun with the apples.
most of the apples weren't good for eating but we still had fun gathering the ones that
 had already fallen off the trees.
on the way back home the kids and i talked about how it would be if we lived in the country.
at the top of wyatt's list is to have a four-wheeler, mine is to have a big garden and a huge 
front porch that faces the west so i can watch the sun set every night.
charlotte's was to have lots of trees to climb...i think all of them sound good.

 being down there, picking apples, wearing long all made it feel like Fall really
 is on it's way. i think i'm ready now. i always hate to see summer end but there is no use in fighting
 it so i am trying to look ahead to all the things that Fall will bring.

i am posting this early this morning but as you are reading this my little girl is either
at preschool or done with her first day. i think she will be fine it's just me that might
 not be, it's just such a big change and i am always a bit apprehensive about change i guess.
we are going to have our back-to-school dinner tonight and miss charlotte chose
 the menu. we started the tradition at the end of wyatt's year of preschool, but have now
switched it up so that the kids get to choose the menu
for breakfast and supper on their first day of school, it's fun and special for them knowing they
 get to pick anything they want--well, within my (limited) cooking/baking ability.
for breakfast she asked for homemade chocolate chip muffins and peaches
and "cheesy pasta tubes" for supper but she still can't decide on dessert yet.
it's a big day for us...
wish me luck!!!


  1. yep lovely- am thinking about you and miss.c now...

    loved seeing more of these gorgeous pickies...
    & would love country life!!!!!!

    what's not to love about that list that you guys came up with!!?

    can't wait to see how she went....or actually how you went!!

    melissa xxx

  2. My family too wants all of the above of living in the country. One day. Good luck to your little girl today.

  3. girl, you are a BEAUTIFUL photographer! i love taking opportunites like that for little photo shoots. and i vote for y'all to buy a sweet farmhouse in the country :)

  4. beautiful pics amy!!! wow:) big hugs today. that is so hard. been gets easier.

  5. Beautiful photos as always! Hoping the first day went well. I'm sure it did :) (and you were ok too!)

  6. beautiful captures --- and i'm curious what bribery you used?! i need new material LOL. i hope your little girl found pre-school to be enjoyable, and she's probably thinking of her meal tonight right now :) i loved your 1st grade centerpiece!

  7. I love that apple basket! These pictures are just dreamy!

  8. Beautiful Pictures! I would love to live in the country, the beauty and quietness of the country really appeals to me. I have lived in the city my whole life and i'm just done with it, so hopefully in the future we have a place in the country!

    Awe I hope your little one has a great first day at school!!!

  9. Check out the concentration on Wyats face bless him. I love Charlottes tights, so cute. Great photos as always. Hope she had a great day at pre-school xxxx

  10. I grew up in the country, on a dirt road with 80 acres to romp around in....I agree, there is nothing quite like country. though I sure hate the bugs, mosquitoes, flies and icky stuff about it now that I am an adult. I used to live on green apples this time of year except ours were teeny tiny barely even ready to be picked. my mom's salt shaker would go missing and she would know we had used it to eat the apples with YUMMY!!!
    brings back memories, thank YOU!
    LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE AND LOVE these photos x a million!

  11. what a glorious day in the country!
    flip flops and long kind of weather.

    hope the first day of preschool went spendidly.

    have a happy day amy

  12. These are just stunning!!! Magical in every way possible. I hope your sweetheart's first day at preschool was filled with giggles and love... And I hope mama made it too!!

  13. great photos!
    apples seem so far away, to me.
    and long sleeves.
    fall is my very favorite.

  14. Such gorgeous pictures. It's always great when they'll actually cooperate. Isn't it? :)

    I hope Charlotte had a great first day. And so did you.

    We feel the same way. We love the country but wonder if we could actually live there. Our new chickens are giving us our little taste of country living. We'll see how we fare with them. I'm about to try my first hand at a fall veggie garden. For some reason I don't think I can handle growing brussel sprouts or broccoli but I'm going to try. Wish me luck!

  15. Love the one of her makin' faces at her brother. So funny! He looks quite amused by his little sister..


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