Friday, September 9, 2011

we both survived wednesday.
and today, in case you were wondering.
my girl is officially a preschooler now.
she did great.
she's ready for it, i know she is.
she's excited about school and her teacher and looking like "a school girl".

i'm a little sad, i can't help it.
but i'm happy for her and proud of her.
i am so very grateful that my kids like school (so far!) and have no problem adjusting
 at all, it would be so, so hard on me if they did.

:: funny story about the first day of preschool ::

wyatt and i dropped charlotte off at school wednesday morning and you pull up and wait in a line
 and they come to your car and get your child (you can go park and walk them in if you want 
to but they encourage you to do it this way because of limited parking space)
well, there are two teachers and the kids split time between both rooms/teachers.
charlotte doesn't have the teacher wyatt had, she has the other one.
so we were the last ones in line at drop off (naturally) and after giving char kisses and hugs
goodbye we got to sit there a minute and watch her talking to the teacher and assistant before
going in. after they commented on her outfit and asked her a couple of questions she stood
there for a second and then handed the apple to the teacher (not hers) and then
seemed to stare at the apple for a minute like wait-what did i just do? 
wyatt and i both let out a small audible gasp because we knew she didn't really intend to do that,
that apple was meant for her teacher. she picked it out herself at the store the day before and
 was so excited to give it to her teacher.
i could totally read the expression on her face and it made me laugh in a moment where
 i really could have cried, watching my baby walk into school for the first time.
before we pulled away, wyatt looked at me with a serious look on his face and said;
"mommy? let's just not mention the whole apple incident to charlotte later, okay?"

my lips are sealed.

* someone asked if i curled charlotte's hair with a curling iron, i had to laugh at that,
the answer is no, i rag-rolled it the night before.
 we are lucky if i ever even curl/fix my own hair and plus, this is not toddlers & tiaras, friends.

it's been a long, busy, crazy week. 
i am ready to forget about all school related things until next week.
i am so ready for the weekend.


  1. Charlotte is so adorable! In that collage, I just love her hair in the middle and bottom left pictures! So cute. :) And Wyatt's sweet for thinking it best to not mention the apple incident!

  2. She looks so cute bless her. They grow up way to fast hey xxx

  3. awww, amy, she is a dolly :) rag curls are a great idea! i wonder if sophie would rip them out or not?? such a hard thing leaving your babies. i homeschool now, but my oldest went to preK and K....not an easy thing! have a great weekend!

  4. i felt it all over again- that feeling of your last going to school....

    brilliant story- i was almost crying but wyatt pulled me back with his classic big boy comment!! loved it!

    and ...just for the record...both Audrey and I want Charlottes hair!!!!!!

    that last photo is heaven my dear friend!!!

    M xxx

  5. your kiddos are so darn cute! :) i wish you could give me photography lessons! you are amazing! :)

  6. Oh she is just darling! What beautiful long hair she has. My daughter has a short little bob, because she and I might both die trying to brush long hair! And I totally noticed the cute coca cola crate you have on your (gorgeous)porch, what a great idea! Ive got rain boots all over the house!

  7. cute apple story!
    I love your sweet girls little heart and your son's too at not wanting to mention it to her, what dolls they are!!! they melt my heart!
    great pix!

  8. I just love Wyatt and his concern for Charlotte's feelings. That was so sweet. Oh, and the Toddlers + Tiaras quip made me laugh!

  9. my favorite part is the way wyatt reacted to the apple deal....protecting his sister from that small embarrassment. such a big brother. love him! love her! you are a great momma!

  10. precious beyond words chica.


    And I'm ready for the weekend, too... sorta.


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