{Bits and Pieces}

Friday, September 2, 2011

I have several different posts swimming around in my head and every time I think of what I want
 to write I change my mind. So, instead I will just share with you some bits and pieces from our week.
My heart has been so heavy this week for a co-worker (old co-worker, I worked with her at 
school, she is still there and obviously I am not) this week. 
She has lost a child in the most tragic way possible I think.
I have not been able to stop thinking about it and the family....and wondering... why?
One of those questions that will never be answered and makes me question everything.

Me and my girl had a date at Starbucks the other morning.
We ate vanilla bean scones, drank coffee and milk and talked about all the big, exciting things 
coming up in the next week.
Her new baby elephants had to come with us.
We stopped at the park, snuck into the woods and came home with some flowers...
you keep scissors in your glove compartment for this reason alone too, right?
Our dining room table was instantly cheered up...and so was I.

Thursday was filled with dentist appointments for both kids (ugh), collecting birth certificates, 
medical forms and attending the preschool orientation for Miss Charlotte.
How is it possible that my baby is going to preschool? 
Next week. Wednesday.
The funny thing is, just like her brother she is older and just going to preschool for one year...and 
still, I am not quite ready for it. It's a big change, it's going to be an even bigger change when she
 is in kindergarten next year and it has gotten me to thinking a lot about what I will be doing next year.
Working? Where? What in the hell am I going to be doing with my days exactly?
There is a lot to think about and it is a bit overwhelming at times.

Yesterday at Wyatt's appointment the dentist pulled out a loose tooth and sent it with him in a little plastic tooth case on a string. That was the 7th tooth he has lost.  He was excited to show his class and 
mark it off on their chart but as soon as we got out of the car in the school parking lot he lost it. 
We searched and searched but finding a little tiny tooth in a parking lot is impossible.
He wrote the tooth fairy a note and luckily she didn't actually need the tooth and still left him $1.50.
He was happy.

I might be a little crazy for this but I am going to get Wyatt early from school today, before lunch.
It is supposed to be 100* again today with a possible heat index of 105-110*. 
His school is an old, old building with no air and he is on the second floor, it was miserable yesterday.
So, I made the executive decision to pick him up before lunch so he can spend the afternoon
 in the sprinkler instead of zoned out in a classroom where they aren't really doing any
work because no one can even think due to the heat. 
I love making executive decisions, definitely one of the perks of being the parent.

I just finished The Distant Hours and highly recommend it,
loved this book
and could not put it down.  Don't you love when a book is that good?
oh, and A Reliable Wife, another good one.
Next up, Jane Eyre...that one is for you, Shauna Reed ; )

You know you are old when...
 a prefect Friday night consists of a new stack of magazines, 
a favorite old movie (You've Got Mail?) ans a glass of wine on the couch. 
Ahhhh, I love Friday nights... and holiday weekends.

{picture by Wyatt... sunflowers, mama's favorite}

And just one more thing, my favorite new toy.
Don't you just love all the cool things you can find online? Seriously, check it out
You just have to have a web cam on your computer...so much fun.
Not the best pictures of us, but that's okay.

Happy, happy Friday, y'all!!!
Have  a great day and an even better weekend.


  1. I really enjoyed this post! I have a 4 year old daughter and she loves vanilla milks and scones from starbucks...:)

  2. Wow! i just love this post! I love your coffee cup wrap, the flowers you picked, the Jane Eyre book (it is a personal fav) and the PhotoCabine thing...especially the groovy music! Enjoy your weekend ;) Oh, and by the way, I planned to go back to work when my youngest started kindergarten thinking I would have oodles of time...weeellll, he is now 14 and I am still at home and loving it!

  3. Amy, I love how random and sweet and down to earth this post was. It's so real, so authentic, so YOU.

    I'm at the same crossroads... school? back to work? where? what? how? accckkkkk!!! Preschool is 3 days a week half days and kindergarten is 5 half days.

    What will I do with my time (well I'm a gimp right now so I'm limited) but I feel A LOT of this post right now. I connect to it in a big way!

    I can't believe both my babies are now in school?! CRAZY RIGHT!?!

  4. mom said it's been hot. that's awful...hope it cools down for you. happy weekend amy:)

  5. I love the random posts! That is just crazy hot for kids to be upstairs at a school with no air conditioning! How do they do anything? I'd have done the same thing and pulled my son out early!
    Max is in pre-k 4 this year and while some days I go crazy with him home all day, I also wonder what the HECK will I do when he's gone all day?? And how in the world will I find a job after being a SAHM for the past 5 years? Sigh...
    Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog. One of the things I LOVE about your blog is that you are totally honest! Love that!
    Ok, I'm rambling... Happy holiday weekend to you! And I agree, I love a nice evening with my new magazines. :) (And I have been wanting to read The Distant Hours. Will put it on my list!)
    Hugs! A

  6. Oh, so sorry to hear about your coworker. I cannot even imagine.

    I love the photos in this post. The colors are just awesome. (And I love that you keep scissors in your glove compartment for flower clipping - what a sweet idea!)

    What to do next year sounds like a tough question. But you have plenty of time to think about it. Just be sure to listen to what your heart says.

    Have a lovely holiday weekend!

  7. hi lovely- i feel like i've had a real proper catch- up with you!

    just what i needed- i feel back on track now..hold that little miss.c a bit more this weekend...before her teacher may get a look in and sometimes be "more right than mummy"- still don't think i've gotten used to that!

    love your new header and the pickie of you way up there on the right...
    doesn't it feel good to have a little blog "spring clean"!

    going to check out the photo spot now!

    melissa xxx

  8. you are gonna love jane eyre.
    did you see the movie?
    the recent one?
    i loved it too.
    i am gonna text you on wednesday.
    since it the boys first day of school too and so will be my first day ever of having all my kids in school....just like you :)
    it was just in a different order.

    ella is doing so super good.
    she has grown up in these last few day of being in school.
    she seems way more big girl-ish....telling me i can go now and wanting to run off and play away from me even when we aren't at school...just really independent.
    i can tell the whole thing really pleases her.
    it takes some getting used to for me, but i am proud of her and can see that it is a necessary step in growing up.

    love that new photo booth deal!
    you find good stuff lady friend...

    wish we could have a lady date while our kids are in school this week (weird!!)
    maybe someday :)

  9. HOWEVER did I miss this post!? your book list is just like mine! i read jane eyre and most of that pile is on my list. and did you buy that real simple family mag? i love that, but i don't get the subscription anymore. i used to love the family one. and you reminded me i have to go out and find a flea market mag. i met ki last year at the Junk Bonanza...so fun :)


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