Dear Sunday

Sunday, September 4, 2011

I love you
and your rain we have been waiting a whole month for
for sleeping in and breakfast in bed
for the excuse to wear my new rain boots 
and plenty of puddles for splashing in
for neighborhood walks and no plans for the day
for hot coffee and the smell of bread baking in the kitchen
for long sleeves and ponchos
for squirrel-watching and heart-hunting
for flower admiring (and maybe a little picking)
for the sun coming out and lovely 70* weather
for our second walk of the day and time for crafting
for cars that get a much-needed wash from the rain
and plans to catch up with a good friend tonight

Yep Sunday, I seriously love you.
Hope you are enjoying your Sunday, too.


  1. oh my goodness, these pictures are fantastic!

  2. Great pictures!! Sounds & looks like a GREAT Sunday! =D

  3. traveling and on the road, and still a good sunday! love the pic of the puddle jump :)

  4. I know it FINALLY rained!!! It was Awesome wasn't it. Although I spent our rainy day sitting outside at a football game.

    I just love your photos and Sundays are the BEST!


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