Friday, September 30, 2011

Just a few favorites from this week.
Happy, happy Friday to you...hooray for the weekend!
Hope you all have a great one.

{*vintage fabric tapes from the pugly pixel :: here}


  1. hi amy :) adorable pics as usual. i'm so ready to do fall things, rather than moving things! :)

  2. sweet little bambi pic. love the tape effect. you are too cool for school.

  3. I'm envious of your sunshine. We've had nada but rain & fog for days. BLAH!

    Oh, Dom has the same teddy bear- his name is pookie & it is his favorite. I actually (ashamed) wrote a post about him one time. I guess I'm weird.

    Happy Friday, chica!

    Gonna check out pugly pixel now. :)

  4. Is that your doodling all over that starbucks cup? Cuz that's awesome, I'm just saying. :)

  5. your photos brighten my day! i need a seriously {simple} tutorial on using that tape! :) so cute!

  6. Agreed on the tutorial. It's quite lovely but I'm kinda 'duh' when it comes to utilizing it!!

    Glad I found your blog :)

  7. Omygosh! I love those vintage strips!! Totally going to use them. Where do you find this stuff?! Seriously. Sweet pics as usual. And the starbucks cup is rad!

  8. Gimme those sweet little deer this instant! My 5 year old loves deer!
    Heres wishing you a wonderful weekend Amy!

  9. did you make those carmel apples?? i've made them like 4 times and i sorta hate it. it is so hard to get the sugar mixture to just the right temp for the right thickness!! i should just cheat and use carmels that i can just melt. love the pics today. that fall book is amazing.

  10. oh, to have fall with amy.
    your land does fall so much better that we do.


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