I Am Not Going Down Like This

Thursday, September 29, 2011

So, normally maybe I would just mention in passing that the week started off a little rough
and leave it at that without getting into all the grumpy, sordid details because you probably
don't really want to hear those details...
Normally, I said, but not today.
Today I am going to tell you how my mornings started off on both Monday and Tuesday.
You can leave now if you want to, or please stay if you want to feel better about your mornings...
or your week...or your life, for that matter.

Monday morning::

8:45 Leave the house
8:55 arrive at Wyatt's school, wait for doors top open at 9:00
9:00 my brother pulls up behind me with his first grader and my baby niece who I watch
on Mondays
9 :01 Doors open, kids go in to school
Get infant seat strapped into my car, baby settled, get in my seat, shut the door...
breathe a sigh of relief that we made it to school on time and moved baby without
waking her; Charlotte, baby and I off to grocery store
9:08 Car will not start
9:13 Try car several times, totally dead. Mad and cussing in my head because this same
thing happened several times last week and car battery was just replaced on Friday.
9:14 Call my mom, beg for her to come get us.
9:16 Unload kids, baby seat, diaper bag, booster seats and myself. Load it all into mom's car.
9:20 Drop my mom back off at work, go to the grocery store
Grocery shopping uneventful, baby is good...still steaming about the Jeep though
11:30 Pick up niece from preschool; take her, Charlotte and baby home for lunch.
4:30 Pick up mom from work in her car, go by school, Jeep starts right up.
Switch everything back into the Jeep and go home.


{So Tuesday morning was pretty much the same except for one twist.
The Jeep starts again Tuesday morning with no problem...maybe it was just a fluke the day before?}

8:25 Leave home, almost on empty, stop at the gas station and spend way too much money on gas.
Get back in to start the Jeep.
Dead, at the gas pump.
Completely dead.
Major cussing going on under my breath and in my head now.
Call mother-in-law, she comes to our rescue, transfer seats, kids, etc. to her car and she takes
both kids to both schools for me.
Call Eric to complain and do some out loud cussing...try to start the Jeep repeatedly.
Yep, still dead.
Call for a tow truck, while people repeatedly pull up behind me in line to get gas, now I am
both embarrassed and annoyed.
Tow truck driver pulls up in a huge flatbed, gets out and promptly tells me that this is a really
bad spot for him to tow it.
(Really? Like I planned for it to die there?)
Tow truck driver and I push the Jeep to move it a little, finally get it in a good spot to get it
onto the truck.
Driver has me stay in the Jeep while he puts those hooks underneath the car.
Tells me I have to stay in there while he pulls it up onto the flatbed so I can steer it.
{Every time he wants me to go right he tells me left and left he tells me right... What?!}
I start steering it while it is being pulled up onto the flatbed...
have a vision of the chains coming undone, the Jeep rolling off of the flatbed,
right into a gas pump where the Jeep and I go up into a gigantic fiery explosion.
I am not going down like this.
I tell him to stop, let me out.
Mother-in-law comes back to get me, drops me off at Eric's grandparent's so I can borrow their car.
Get their car, go get coffee, go by car place to talk to them, go get Charlotte from preschool.
Get home, unload the car, realize I left my house key on the
key chain the tow truck driver has.
Feel like bursting into tears, drive all the way back across town to the car place to get
the keys.  Remember to grab Charlotte's stuffed Panda, "Pandy" from the car
but fail to grab the Tupperware container of pumpkin bars I planned to take to my
mom and dad that needs to be refrigerated (ruined).
It is only 11:30 a.m.

The End.
PS- Jeep now has a brand new starter.


  1. that SUCKS! plain and simple. I would be sooooooooo ticked and upset and mad!!! I would need a giant coffee or some Doritos after that one! HA HA~

  2. I defiantly would have cried :( sucks your day(s) were so blahhh!

  3. You weathered that MUCH better than I would have. I literally would have crawled in bed and not come out. You are DUE for some LOVELINESS.

  4. OUCH. No bueno! I'm glad the Jeep got a new starter. Hopefully all mechanical issues are now resolved! In the meantime...chocolate? Wine? Whiskey straight up? (I'm all for self-medicating!) PLUS you have an artistic getaway coming up!! Focus on that. :)

  5. I am sorry because nothing is more frustrating than having the one thing you rely on the most refuse to work the way it's supposed to.

    I hope today was better. And next week for that matter.

    I am way impressed with your ability to keep the bad words to a whisper, by the way. :)

  6. I hate dealing with tow truck guys and other such men who think I am a complete idiot because I am a woman. .. so feeling your pain, and yeah I would have gotten the heck out of dodge (or Jeep) too!

    Hopefully this will solve the problem, because you need a few uneventful days.

    Don't ya hate it when ya have to spend good hard cash on car starters?!?!

  7. Oh my gosh Amy. That totally bites! If it makes you feel any better I had a dead battery last week & had to call AAA twice(kids leaving lights on in the car...again), but at least it was in front of my house and not at a gas station! Hope the rest of your day is all happy and rainbows!

  8. You poor thing. Why does life have to be so hard some days? WHY?

  9. Oh, no!! I had this same problem last week except for no kids in the car. My VW sometimes gets into moods like this. We had a day recently where both of my cars wouldn't start and my b/f's daughter's motorcycle also broke down at the gas station. We thought something was in the air that day.....

  10. that post makes me want to cuss for you. car problems WITH KIDS are the WORST. i'd have been in tears, no doubt. especially after the house key problem. and i totally would have done the same exact thing. grrrrr. sorry you had to weather that.

  11. I am totally impressed that you were able to do all that cussing under your breath. Big hugs that you had a crappy week! I HATE car issues too. If it makes you feel any better I just dropped $1000 on ours when all I thought I was doing was getting an oil change.

  12. you poor thing ! car drama is the worst !1 especially with kids!! i would have cussed out loud !

  13. I second what Beki said, but replace it with a whiskey and loud music.

    I'm glad that the Jeep has a new starter, and I sincerely hope you have the best of weekends chica.

  14. Raaaaaoooaaooaorrrrr!!!!!!!! There, that feels better. x


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