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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

 A few things....

First ::  I am leaving this Friday, like in two days, for the
 Na-Da Farm Barn Sale Event {eeeek}.
I am excited and nervous and...yeah, pretty much excited and nervous.
My best girl friend is going with me...
Did I already tell you guys that?
I am really excited about that, we both are.
She lives a few hours north and although we do see each other every other month or so,
it is never for an extended period of time, ya know.
Like not usually longer than it takes us to drink about three margaritas....either that
or else we are together with all of our kids.
So,  it will be fun to have some uninterrupted time, sans children, to just hang out.
Anyway, yeah, excited....lots to do, and a super busy week leading up to Friday.

The trees are really starting to change now.
Everything is looking so pretty and there is that feeling of Fall in the air.
It has been in the 40's-50's real early in the morning.
The weather is absolutely perfect and you wish it could stay just like this for
about six more months. Oh, I wish.
The reds and yellows and oranges of the trees....beautiful.
Did you know that I love Fall? ; )
Well, I have always loved Fall but having both of my babies born in
the Fall has made it an extra special season for me.

Yesterday morning I sat out on the front porch and drank my coffee while Charlotte played
in the front yard and ran up and down the sidewalk in her tutu, just because she could.
Ever have those moments where everything just feels so right?
The day, the weather, the kids, where you are, what you are doing....
That is the best feeling.
Often followed immediately by something so wrong, but that's life I guess.
At least mine, anyway.

Note to self :: make time for more journaling.
I know I talked about this a while back, but it is something I need to do, like actually need to do.
I think it is so good to sit down before bed, or any time really, and just get everything out of my head.
I think it really helps with my anxiety to just let it go...on paper.
Does that make sense?
Even when I don't think I have much to say, it is like a brain dump.
To-do lists, random ramblings, ideas, projects, worries, stress, quotes, books to read...
just write it down and let it go.
Or try to let it go anyway. That's usually kinda tough for me, the letting it go part.

Yesterday after preschool we went to the park for a picnic.
It was nice and peaceful and the girls had so much fun.
I cannot stop thinking about the fact that before we know it we will be cooped up
for the Winter so I am trying to take full advantage of this weather right now.
My niece was content to ride in the stroller and watch the big girls.
Wow, you really forget how exhausting (and fun) babies are once you are out of that
 routine for a while, but they are a lot of both.

Remember a while back when I talked about my sleep problems (here)?
Well, maybe I never followed up on that one (which I know I am so bad about) but things are
 definitely better in the sleep department now. The journaling, like I just mentioned, 
helps and I also have a no TV rule for myself in our bedroom now before bed. 
Watching TV before bed isn't what causes my sleep problems, but I don't think it probably
 helps when I am already having trouble falling asleep in the first place.

Well, time for me to get on my walking shoes and head out for a walk
 before everyone gets up this morning.
 Have a great day, the week is half-way over!
Hoooooray for that.


  1. oh have fun this weekend!! i'm so excited for you. really i am. girls weekends are so important. and i love journaling too. it is such a blessing to read back and see things that were causing me stress and see how life really does get better. God straightens it all out. and way to get your walk in before the kids are up! :) have a great weekend :)

  2. you are going to have a blast! come back with lots of pics...okay:) btw love these. you really captured the magic of this time of year. the light and gorgeous color. love the kitchen window pic. have a great day.

  3. I NEED the tv on to fall asleep. I seriously need to break myself of this habit!

    These are wonderful autumn pictures! We've had nothing but cold and rainy here until today. The 5 day forecast calls for 70*'s and sunshine! Woot!

  4. Have an amazing weekend! You deserve it ;D I am jealous....

    Glad you are sleeping better. I try to limit the TV in the bedroom too. I think it helps!

    Love these photos, you captured this glorious fall light so perfectly!!! Soak it all up, Chica! We will be missing it soon enough...booo!

  5. enjoy your weekend, little lady! wait, is it the weekend or just friday?
    either deserve it!

  6. ok i just looked at it and it looks like its two days of happiness! that looks so super cool! come back and tell me all about it!

  7. what a beautiful post! i loove all your pictures and i truly hope you have a wonderful time away! mommies need a least this one does! :)


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