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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

It's already Wednesday, friends, the week is half over.
Can you believe that Thanksgiving is one week from tomorrow?
Wow, I totally thought we had like two weeks to go still.
I am excited though because I absolutely LOVE Thanksgiving.
It is all the fun family stuff and wonderful homemade food without the pressure of Christmas.
And let's not forget about the shopping, it's a yearly family tradition for us--heavy on the fun
and pretty light on the whole shopping part of it.

A while back I told you there was a tutorial on how to use these tape strips, remember that?
But I couldn't remember where I had seen it and it was driving me crazy.
Well, I finally found it again, go check out the tutorial  here.
This shows you how to use these washi tape strips on an image in Picnik like
I did here on my photos.
So a big thank you to Cintia over at My Poppet for the showing us how to do it.
Some of us really need these tutorials ; )

So tell me, what happy things can you find in your day today?


  1. I need to watch that tutorial! love those strips!!!

  2. love your list.
    and i LOVE the tape on your already fantastic pics!
    i listened to a tutorial on the tape on picnik the other day and STILL can't figure it out.
    maybe yours will help me.
    i desperately want to figure it out!
    :D xoxo

  3. I thought the exact same thing! Can't believe Thanksgiving is next week!! Since it is just the 4 of us I ordered the whole dinner from Fresh Market...is that bad?

  4. Seriously, where did November go? Although, I can't say I'm disappointed, since I'm basically also a sucker for Thanksgiving, and the Christmas season it precedes :) Looks like a lot of lovliness going on in your neck of the woods, enjoy the rest of your week!

  5. oh my gosh amy! my little 1st grader went to school in HIS tiger cub uniform today and i complimented him on how handsome he looks in his uniform. how cute are they!? we are delivering the food from the school food drive to the food pantry after school. love those cubbies. we're on our way to the midwest tomorrow!! hooray for thanksgiving with fishing, hunting, and some real thunderstorms next week! ;) i hope you guys have a great one.

  6. I totally loved this one!
    Tiny baby toes are my favorite... and I LOVE Thanksgiving too!! ( I wish we had it in Spain too... kind of weird since we have nothing to do with pilgrims and the native indians... BUT a special date to celebrate thankfulness would be wonderful) :)


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