quiet morning.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

this morning.....

coffee outside. little chilly...that's me in my pj's.
the kids slept over at grandma & grandpa's last night so we had a little quiet time to
ourselves this morning--but not much, i met my mom and the kids at church at 8:30-
but i'm not complaining.
the rest of the day?
not quiet.
we tried to stay gone most of the day, eric is working on something at home he needed lots of uninterrupted quiet time for.
as i type this, the kids are having supper in their bedrooms and there will be no movie
watching tonight.
yeah, not a quiet rest of the day at all, but a rather stressful one for me.
i will just leave it at that, if you have children, i'm sure you know the kind of day i am
talking about...no need for the ugly details.
so tonight , i am extremely thankful for the little bit of peace and quiet i did have this morning.

The Thankful Project :: Day 5
Quiet mornings


  1. glad you had a few minutes to yourself this morning. sometimes that's all you need. :)

  2. Supper in their bedrooms: Fantastic idea! :) I'll have to stash that one up my sleeve.

    Here's hoping for a more serene tomorrow.

    Love that photo.

  3. Fab photo. . .really!

    Days like that are hard. . . Here's hoping tomorrowis better!

  4. i guess there is something to be grateful for, even in the craziest of days.
    good job finding it, little momma.
    sometimes it's hard to see.

  5. amen sistah. Isn't it so flippin hard keepin the kiddos "quiet" for the man in your life? I get that. I also get quiet Monday mornings while the kiddos are in school.

    At this moment... Luna is snoozin on my toes, Billy Idol is singing about Flesh for Fantasies and I'm reading your blog (but it was Walt Whitman)

    Thankful for quiet. Fo sho.

  6. Love the warmth in that pic. And I so get you. My mom and I had the bright idea to drive out to the country Saturday night for a carnival and dusk balloon show. You would think the kids would be so busy they would not have time to fight. Not so. My mom told me at the end of the evening to please not be offended if she burnt rubber after dropping us off!
    Today I am extremely greatful for school!
    Never mind as i type this the school called and asked me to come pick one of them up...sigh


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