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Monday, November 7, 2011

good morning.
how is everyone this morning?
it's another rainy, kinda dreary day here but i think i'm okay with it.
anyway--it's a great morning for coffee with friends so let's get at it.

if we were really meeting for coffee this morning i would be drinking my homemade mocha but
a starbucks peppermint mocha sounds really good right now. maybe tomorrow.
the red cups are back y'all.
it's such a great marketing tool, the whole red cup around the holidays thing along with the
special holiday drinks, huh?

i need to brag on my boy now.
after last week and feeling like the biggest loser mom this really made me smile--
and i was there to see it, so that was definitely a bonus.
friday was the humanities fair at school and wyatt won first place in the illustrated poem category.
he was excited, it was cute.
my niece won first place in her category too so they were both pretty excited.
it was a good night.

if we were really meeting for coffee this morning i would ask how your weekend was.
what did you?
we did get a date night saturday night, thank you grandparents.
it had been a while so it was nice and very much appreciated.
mexican and margaritas...ummmmm...yeah, that's pretty much what we do every single time.
it's funny that when we do  have a chance to actually go do something alone we have a hard time figuring out what to do....then we realize we really just wanna go back home and watch tv
in our pjs on the couch.

this is the view out of charlotte's bedroom window just a few days ago, so pretty.
now the tree (top picture) is almost completely bare.
ughhhh...i kind of really hate when the trees are bare.
i'm really going to miss all of the leaves when they are gone.
my outdoor pictures definitely get a whole lot less pretty this time of year.
how is the weather where you are?
fall like? snow already? i have to say, i have been seeing snow on some blogs i read and i
am just so not ready for it...not at all. in complete denial over here, folks.

saturday charlotte and i did a little antiquing at a couple of our favorite little shops.
they were having a holiday open house and we found a few good deals, i will have to share
those later in the week. one was an awesome light up globe i got my sister for her birthday,
i was pretty excited about that.

well, i have a hefty list of things that  really need to be done around here today...really.
i need to get up and start now.
think i can put it off just a little longer?

thanks for stopping by here this morning.
join in the coffee chat this morning....
i'm gonna go get a refill then stop by to chat with you.
have a great day everyone!


  1. That is one gorgeous view out of Charlotte's window. Great picture!

  2. I think I would need the Marguerita rather than the coffee today!

    Congrats to your little poet! Marvellous! x

  3. i agree the trees look so sad and bare with no leaves. boo :( it's been gorgeous in NC. the high today is 68 or something...it's the fall that wouldn't stop, i swear! i love it! :)

  4. I think bare trees are depressing too...unless they are coated with sparkly white snow and the sun is shining and my camera is ready ;-) The weather here in Charlotte, NC is stunning!! Congrats to Wyatt...so glad you were there!

  5. morning from over this side of the pond!

    well...think you may be just a little ahead of us as we haven't quite lost all our autumn leaves yet- although it is winter now apparently!

    it's funny when you know your photo taking will alter in the next few weeks- snow's beautiful, but the in between is a little nothing!

    nice to be back on my v.c track again- i was missing it!

    and yep-love all the festive lead up- red paper cups and all!!

    hugs sweet- Melissa xx

  6. YAY Wyatt! and YAY for margaritas!!

  7. Way to go Wyatt! Awesome job.

    So, it might be only 8:30 am, but those margs look totally yummy right now.

    I'm with you too on the weather...if one more person mentions the "s" word I'm gonna freakout...oh, and some people in the office are already playing Christmas music. YIKES!

    Well, enjoy your day and may you find a Starbucks to treat yourself to a Peppermint mocha. Ciao!

  8. I'm loving the trees this time of year too. Seems like Fall has lasted longer here this year. I'm crossing my fingers that it means winter will be shorter. ;o) Congrats to your lil' man! ...and I totally feel you on the whole "I'd rather be at home in my jammies watching TV" kind of date. Isn't that sad??? lol I've already had two cups of coffee this morning, and I'm contemplating another...... Maybe decaf this time... Hope you enjoy your day!!

  9. congrats to your boy. that's awesome.
    love the tree pictures.

  10. congrats to Wyatt! That is awesome. I agree about the weather...snow is only lovely if I can totally stay home and watch from inside! :) I live in the Pacific Northwest and so we have RAIN and lots and lots of beautiful trees right now!
    My hubbie and I just said the same thing the other night about jammies and staying home. We were going to see a movie on friday and decided a trip to Barnes and Noble and then home for netflix, warm fire and snuggling sounded better! :)

  11. Your kids are soooo cute, and smart too apparently! How awesome!

    Thanks for hosting!

  12. Dreary day for sure.
    And not ready at all for those trees to be bare and the snow to be on the ground!:(
    Way to go Wyatt and congrats on the date nite.
    have a happy day amy

  13. Oh, thank heavens we don't have snow yet and the trees here have been hanging on to their leaves, not knowing from one day to the next if it is indeed fall or if it is spring. Congratulations to Wyatt and his cousin! It is so rewarding for them when they work hard at a project and get recognition. I will be having my Starbucks mocha tomorrow as I make Wednesdays my Starbucks day so I'll be looking out for those red cups!

  14. Our date nights sound similar--we like to be home and comfy. We've chickened out of moves starting later than 7:30 too many times. Ha!

    I stopped for a Starbucks last week (vanilla latte) and didn't get a red cup when i'd heard they were back. I felt cheated.

    Love the photo from your daughter's window. That is true fall. Here in SE TX we don't see that as much.

  15. Oh how exciting! Congrats to Wyatt and I'm glad you got to catch it too! Date night sounds like so much fun. I hear you on the wanting to stay home in your PJs idea. My hubby and I could definitely use one of those! My parents have been visiting us for a month now and they have a ton of things they want to see and do, but they're scared of driving in Asia themselves and don't want to use public transportation, so we spend every spare minute schlepping them around. It's great to see them again after a year apart...but a full month of playing full-time tour guide...it's a bit wearying. And they'll be here two more months. :)

    Anyway, tiredness aside, I am grateful they're here. Do you all have family plans for the holidays yet?

  16. I found your blog over at Alicia's blog la Famille. I am linking up for the first time. I can't wait to read some new blogs and meet new friends. Thanks for hosting :)


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