Thursday, December 15, 2011

Hello Friday.
I have been waiting for you.
But first.
Thank you, thank you, thank you for the kind words and encouragement on my
post Wednesday.
I said I felt just better just writing it out...and I did, but I felt even better reading all
of your comments.
So thank you for taking the time to do so, I really, really do appreciate it.

Just a little of my week via Instagram....
Found this vintage beauty earlier in the week.
It came with a pack of film and was in the original box along with the manual.
I need to find a battery for it so I can see if it works though...fingers crossed.

Before School Rule:: No TV until kids are dressed and ready to go.
Not sure why I haven't been enforcing this since little man first started preschool.
This has made our mornings this school year sooo much smoother.

LOVE this book.
Best illustrations ever.
So sweet.
I think I am going to frame some of these for Miss Charlotte's bedroom.

Peanut butter M&M's + Pretzel M&M's =Crack
So addictive.
Oh and just imagine those cabinets painted...Hello, Spring Project.

Date night...
Margaritas and a little Christmas shopping.
And sleeping in the next morning because the kids were
at grandma & grandpa's.

Christmas is coming.....
in like 9 days.
Apparently my little churches were visited by The Little People today.

Miracle on 34th Street, the original one
 Rosebud Salve, miracle worker.

Happy Friday, friends.
Have a good one.

life rearranged


  1. i agree. peanut butter and pretzel m&m's are both fantastic!!

  2. Date night, margaritas, and sleeping!!! So jealous:)

  3. Pretty jealous of the date night too!!
    Love, Love that book and illustrations. And where are you finding all these cool treausres??:)
    Your churches are beautiful.
    have a happy day amy

    just started my library copy of parenthood season 1...awesome!:)

  4. Happy Friday!
    Those prints will look great framed in your little girls room! LOVE THEM!!!

    our rule for t.v. is NONE during the school week only friday through sunday, and you know what's funnY? They don't even turn it on EVER....I TURN IT ON FOR THEM on Friday nights, but they just don't even think about it anymore! it's amazing what that one little rule did for us. THe only show they really love is Good Luck Charlie on Disney. I feel like they don't have very many great shows for tweens anymore! What do your kids like to watch? I miss the days of ARthur & shows like that!
    cannot WAIT to see if that camera works!!! that would be so fun! My brother in law gave me his fathers super old camera (it came in a huge silver case with 2 lenses and I did shoot one roll with it and have another roll in there now) but it's HEAVY and so hard to use I havent' gotten it out enough!
    show the pictures if/when you take some!
    happy friday!
    love your mix of insta's!

  5. Love the pictures!!! Question- how about doing a post on how you made that handy dandy "Follow Me on Pinterest" button? :)

  6. LOVE:
    *the sparkly churches
    *that you have given up your mantel for the flat screen just like I had to.
    *Mug in front computer screen (Pinterest at that!)Looks just like my morning ritual.


  7. those M&Ms are crack indeed!!

    date night?? what's date night?? I'm jealous. ;o)

    I <3 vintage cameras, you got a good one I hope!!!

    have a great weekend!

  8. I LOVE your churches, so pretty!
    Date night sounds perfect, margaritas and shopping = perfection!

  9. i'm so jealous of all you instagram people! my android doesn't do that:( bummer! as always sweet touches everywhere. have a great weekend friend. love the date night and sleep in with your honey. oh how i miss grandma and grandpa being close by.

  10. popping in from life rearranged....
    love that you have vintage little people! SO FUN!

  11. Found you through life rearranged, and am now following you. what a cute blog! Also, I just looked though the pictures of your house and LOVE it! so, so, so cute!


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