Peace & Love:: Part 1

Sunday, December 18, 2011

This morning the sun was shining, it was a beautiful day and I decided we were going to go
take Holiday pictures, so I scrounged up everything that I needed, got the kids ready and we
were at the park in less than an hour.
Seeing that there isn't going to be much sun this week at all, I figured this might be my only chance.
Okay--so, I picked out the dress and she picked out the bottom half...I had other plans but I wasn't up
to convincing her otherwise, so I decided to let it go.
Leggings, socks and big boots instead of tights and maryjane's?

 I gave up on sending Christmas cards a few years ago.
Way too stressful for me, as dumb as that might sound, so I let it go.
So, these pictures are for my Virtual Christmas Cards...and for the grandparents for
Christmas presents, too.

There are a bunch more of these, I'll share more later this week.
Ummm...did you notice that Charlotte actually has her coat OFF in a few of these?
She only had it off for a couple of minutes but still, it is December 18.
In Illinois.
That's kind of crazy if you ask me.
Christmas in one week from today.
Okay--off to do more editing.


  1. I've been thinking about doing the same thing. We should have sun tomorrow and the kids have started holidays. You've inspired me. And yes it is uncharacteristically warm here in Northern Canada too.

  2. These are all really sweet, but that last one is my favorite. So cute.

  3. These are great! I think you will look back in a few years and your favorite part will be your daughter putting together the leggings, socks, boots combo.

  4. BEAUTIFUL! Your kiddos are darlings and the light is perfect.

    I think I'm going to copy you and give up the cards. It is a stress demon. Plus, nobody really sends cards anymore. It seems as if everyone sends just the picture cards. No signature needed. Seems less personal? I like the old fashioned Christmas card. Just call me old. lol!

  5. Awesome pics. The weather is just kinda weird honestly. Doesn't feel like winter at all.

  6. I didn't do cards last year, or so far not this year either. I just didn't feel like it, too expensive! too stressful!
    LOVE LOVE LOVE your photos!

  7. Gorgeous! The one of them in the hats just kind of "cuddling"...or maybe "pretending to like each other" is beautiful. And the one with the tongues sticking out is the perfect Christmas card to me!

  8. beautiful. you work is stunning and so so sweet!! hugs, cathy


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