{Virtual Coffee}

Monday, December 19, 2011

'Twas the coffee before Christmas and all through the land....

I was trying to come up with a clever rhyme about how everyone is starting to freak out about
Christmas, but that's about as far as I got ; )
Anyway...Hello there.
Good morning.
Care for a cup of coffee with me this morning?

If we were really meeting for coffee....

I would invite you all here to my house.
And I would have homemade muffins, fruit and french toast casserole.
And I would make you one of these yummy homemade mochas if you want, too.
With holiday sprinkles because it's just more fun that way.
And maybe, just maybe, if I had you all here some of you might want to help me wrap presents?
I don't like wrapping.
I like decorating the wrapped packages, that's my thing.
I actually LOVE that part of it.
But the wrapping? Not so much.

How was your weekend and what did you do??
This was the kids Friday night.
Friday night we ate supper, took early baths/showers and the kids got in their pj's
while we waited for daddy to get home from work.
Our advent activity for that day was to drive around town and look at Christmas lights.
The kids took blankets, stuffed animals, thermoses of hot chocolate the special cookies
I picked up for them that day.
We drove around, looked at all the lights and listened to Christmas music.
I love this tradition.
Sure, you can see the lights any time you are driving around at night but doing it in your
pajamas, with no coats (!) and blankets, while having a treat in the car makes it more fun.
Way more fun.
That house was the winner; tackiest/most lights.
This photo does not do this house justice, not even a little bit.

We had some really nice weather over the weekend.
I mean, you  know, nice for Illinois, nice for the middle of Winter... not nice-nice.
Sunny skies... Oh how I miss you, sunshine.
Most of this week it is supposed to rain though and so far there is no SNOW in the
forecast for Christmas.
Sayyyyy whaaaaaaaatttt?!
I do not love the snow.
I like it for a while, I love the first snow.
But, I do want snow for Christmas and the kids really do.
It just doesn't feel like Christmas without snow to me.
I can't remember the last time we didn't have snow for Christmas.
And what about you, how is your weather?

Meet the Calico Critter Ninjas.
How tough are they, anyway?
This is the set up of a little girl that has a big brother.
She plays girly and loves all things girly but she plays ninja and army with the best of 'em, too.
This really made me smile when I walked in her bedroom and saw these all set up.

This makes me happy, too.
Walking in the room to see him reading to his sister without me asking him, too.
And it was a book that she wanted him to read.
I love it when brothers are sweet and sisters are sweet and there is no teasing or fighting
or tattling. That is the best.

Well, tell me what is going on with you this week...
Ready for the holidays?
Starting to freak out? Saving that for later in the week?
Are you travelling...have company coming?
Grab another cup of coffee and fill me in.
Thanks for stopping by here today.
Have a great Tuesday everyone.


  1. Oh my goodness that mocha looks positively sinful! Can I haz some? :) I hope the forecasters are totally wrong and you all get some lovely snow for Christmas!

  2. Oh my! Those calico critter ninjas!!! Love! Wonder if my 16 + 14 year old boys would freak if these ended up in their stockings?

  3. those moments between siblings are soooo precious!! treasure them in your heart, amy :) before too long they won't want to be in the same room as each other *sigh* :(
    thank you for sharing your home - and hosting VC - with us xxx

  4. French toast casserole? Count me in :) I love your coffee pic this morning--so festive! I love driving around looking at Christmas lights, and it sounds like that tradition is one your kids will always remember!

  5. I would gladly take that coffee this morning! It looks so pretty! That house is so pretty & i'm loving the pictures of the pinecones!

    I think tonight i'm going to talk my hubby into taking the kids around to see Christmas lights. :)

    Thanks for Coffee! =D

  6. Amy, looks like we are in the same boat. Wrapping... ugh. And no snow... double UGH UGHHHH! Oh well, Christmas will be here before we know it, and it WILL be great... with or without snow. I love your photos of the pinecone.... just lovely!

  7. Hi Amy , you are raising happy kids and you have to be proud of yourself.You had created such a wonderful moment by driving around town with kids in pj's - simple , yet memorable. Wishing you all the joy, hope and wonder of the season ...and to me too it doesn't feel like Christmas without snow...

  8. If you provide the coffee, I'll do the wrapping. There is something satisfying for me about wrapping. Deal - you do the ribbon and I'll take care of the paper and tape. Only three pieces of tape per package this year to keep it all environmentally friendly! Love the tradition of driving around under blankets looking at the lights. And no snow here yet either - EGADS! There are snowshoes under our tree which might have jinxed it for the whole eastern seaboard and part of the midwest - sorry! And happy holidays to you and yours, Amy.

  9. It's my 5th Christmas in CA and I still feel so weird because there is no snow in here. Today we've got 60 F, sunny day with no clouds what so ever... . It doesn't feel like Christmas AT ALL!!!

  10. I like wrapping gifts...... I really, really do!

  11. french toast casserole? do share.

  12. i am not freaking out...i feel really good this year. i did not go all out. maybe that's the secret?? we are staying home for christmas...all alone. first time ever...i. am. so. EXCITED!! i think it's going to be so good! no running, just jammies and chill time.
    also? those calico critters??? awesome. go girl!!

  13. I'd wrap all your presents for you if you supply the food. I LOVE wrapping...I just wait till the last minute to do it.

    HAVE FANTASTIC HOLIDAY...here's hoping for a white Christmas. :-)


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