{Virtual Coffee}

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

*{Sorry I am so late for coffee, I tried to post this before I left earlier this
morning but apparently it didn't work. Today is kinda crazy, already.} 

Hello out there.
How's it going this morning?

It is super dreary, a little rainy and we all overslept.
I am going to have to make coffee kinda short this morning because I have about
twenty things to do before I leave the house.
There might have to be a second cup later because I will have three little girls 
here again today too and lots of transportation duties.

So, if we were really meeting for coffee this morning.....
Tell me how you are doing...what's going on in your world?
Are you feeling the stress of the holidays yet?
Or are you super organized, finished and sitting back, relaxed while the
 rest of us are starting to freak out just a bit?!
The thing is, I always think I have a little more time than I actually do.
And then here we are like two weeks away and I realize time is running out 
and I still have so many plans of things I wanted to do.
Ya know?

Regardless of the Christmas stuff I am not getting done we have been busy--
making ornaments, drinking hot chocolate, 
baking, decorating, Boy Scouting and having fun with our advent calendar activities.
I think I am really going to be ready to keep the kids home with me for 
a few weeks by the time Christmas gets here and is gone.

If the girls sleep and rest later for me I might try and sneak in a little time working 
on these and reading this....I can't put this book down.

Thanks for stopping by for coffee today.
Sorry your host is a bit of a hot mess today....I never claimed otherwise though ; )
Hopefully I will catch up with everyone later tonight.
Have a great day everyone!


  1. Can you say FREAKING OUT about holiday shopping?!! That book looks good, and yes, I'm judging it by its cover, also by the fact that you can't put it down. Hope you get to relax for a few minutes today!

  2. i love your ornaments amy! you are so creative.

  3. what a busy, busy bee!!
    hope you can get a few mins to yourself to breathe and regroup...
    **warm hugs from cold England**

  4. i LINKED up today!! feel like it's been forever! i love your little houses...so fun :)

  5. I'm really enjoying this December. I feel somewhat exhausted by all the late nights, but they have been worth it! It's fun catching up with people (although I do wonder why we leave it all until one month of the year and then cram it in!). I'm organised with the Chrissy shopping and doing most of it online so everything has a lovely handmade feel to it. I am overjoyed with what I'm giving... such fun!!! Happy day to you!


  6. I am NOT freaking out about Christmas because:
    1. hubby did all the shopping online at American Girl.
    2. we only buy for a few nieces & one nephew and half of them are going to spend time at their house in New Zealand at Christmas so we won't even see them!
    3. we don't get anything for my parents until the spring when we drive up to see them in Upper MI!
    4. I am NOT sending cards again this year.
    5. I refuse to stress about and instead just have fuN!

    my friend is coming saturday to make cookies & craft with her 2 kids and my girls cannot WAIT!

    life is crazy lately with one in public school. I spent my days teaching Ava and then my nights making sure Savannah has completed her homework, understands everything and preparing for the next day! life is crazy but at least my girls aren't in 4497509824765089267 activities so we are mostly home!!!
    thanks for hosting coffee!

  7. Drinking hot cocoa and doing your christmasy advent fun sounds perfect to me!!!! I wish this season lasted at least two weeks longer. Your sneak peek ornaments are DARLING!!

  8. Hey, woman.

    I've loved catching up on all your action that I've missed.

  9. I'm new to the whole blogging world, it's crazy! I accidentally discovered your blog by looking for my own-to see if it's public-because we have the same name, albeit mine's Lucky no 13...anyways,you have such a lovely blog. Very inspiring. Same aesthetic taste and my daughter's name is Scarlett (sounds like Charlotte) and she's the 13th grandchild in my family (why I chose the name). Beautiful photos!

  10. whoa i love that book page/music garland you made. soooo pretty. i miss reading blogs since before thanksgiving!! i feel out of touch. but its nice to see your pretty face today and see your happenings. :) thanks for coffee. i'm late on the posting too today.

  11. Using music pages is such an inspired idea! Just lovely! My most hectic bit of Christmas is pretty much past, since our family all live in the States and Germany, so we had to get everything wrapped up and in the mail a few weeks early. I'll be having a string of visitors, but there will only be six of us for Christmas dinner, all adults - quite a bit quieter than the usual 20+ (about 1/3 of which are under 18) were I still Stateside! And I think we'll keep it pretty low key...grill up some pork chops, add some mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, a few goodies that I'll bake this weekend and some nice wine. Good luck finishing all your projects!

  12. Oh, how I've missed virtual coffee (and blogging in general). So nice to stop by for a little catch up! I'm in panic mode with not near enough done for christmas. On top of that this week has been super busy with kid activities and the baby has hit a fussy patch. Fun times...but I wouldn't trade it for the world!

  13. I feel like I've been hiding under a rock b/c I'm new here to you. Found you from Leslie and I can't wait to link up next week for Virtual Coffee. I love the coffee mug in the post from Monday...love.;)

  14. Christmas is different this year...we are having a Costa Rica christmas and its not as busy as Christmas in our hometown. It may be because I don't have a car and have to take a taxi or a bus to get where I want to go and so then...I don't feel the need or want to go.
    Merry Christmas!

  15. Sorry to answer your question so late but I was away for few days and am reading backwards. Freaking out? Uhm, yes, totally. You just need to skim through my last post to get an idea. And forget making all the beautiful things you make!


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