{Breathing Space}

Friday, January 13, 2012

Happy Friday the 13th!
I am super excited for  the 3-day holiday weekend.
And my bff is coming in town today and if all goes as planned (and with 5 kids
between us it often does not) we will have a girl's night out tomorrow night.
I think I can hear the margaritas calling my name already....  : )


{These are all from The Cabin over  New Year's weekend}
All I need for a solo walk in the woods....
coat, boots and a camera.

Normally this time of year everything would be frozen and/or covered in snow.
There would be no leaves, berries would be covered and the pond would be ice.
This is the strangest winter I can remember in a long time.
We have only had just one snow so far this winter and it all melted before the day was up.
The weather on New Year's Eve day felt just like an early Spring day.

This place is so calming and peaceful for me.
Space to breathe and think and relax.
I absolutely love having a little time down here to myself; a walk through the woods,
down the dirt road or through the fields.
I can hardly wait to get a little time to myself once we get to the Cabin, love my family and
all but I was actually itching for a little time to myself.
I am super tempted to go down there solo but I think it would be just a bit
too creepy at night by myself, it's pretty secluded and every scary movie I have ever seen
runs through my mind when I think of staying there alone.

You all might think I am crazy but I don't even mind the whole out house thing.
I mean I would prefer an actual toilet of course,  but I'm okay with it. 
Water has not even been run out to their road yet, so it's not even a possibility for now.
So we do dishes and wash up Little House on The Prairie style, it's kinda fun for a day or two.
But that's about my limit.

Reese Peanut Butter Cup S'mores.
And a perfectly clear sky, walking outside on the porch at night you can see a million stars.
That is the coolest thing ever I think.
That is at the top of my list of Reasons To Move To The Country.

Ahhhhhh, so peaceful.

Looking at these makes me wish for that warm sun, it is freezing here today.
Yesterday it was like 16* and felt like 6* or something crazy like that with the wind chill.
Oh Winter, please don't stay too long...and if you do, please just keep the sun with you.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!
We are off to the DMV again soon, wish me luck...you know I need it!!


  1. From those pictures I can see why you love it so much, it is gorgeous x x x x

  2. Looks like a wonderful place to make lots of memories.... with lots of people. (Ditto on going there alone!) Beautiful pictures~ I've been enjoying your blog and photographs. Good luck at the DMV!

  3. Hi Amy I'm Frances from New York. I thought it was pretty cool to find your blog on the 13th, so I gave you a mention on my own blog. Hope you'll come visit.
    I've been poking round your site for quite a while now. So many pretty pics! See you for Virtual Coffee Tuesday.
    Take care :)

  4. Those pics make me inhale deeply too. Thanks for sharing. Keep warm and have a blast with that friend.

  5. Nice love your photo's I like the half moon....

  6. Ok, how DO you get that glorious light in that first photo? I've been trying to get that for a year now. I must be doing something wrong with my D70 and little 50mm... Seriously!
    I hope you have fun with your BFF. I'm in Seattle and get to see my BFF tomorrow night if it doesn't snow. Enjoy those margaritas!

  7. it was pretty warm here yesterday, in the 40's but we have snow that stuck, we have around 5 inches~
    it's COLD today, 16! brrr. but the sun is OUT, so it's not too bad. the girls even went out for about 30 minutes today.

    the photos are BREATHTAKING, stunning!!!!! love them ALL!

  8. what a great retreat spot. i love it. i wouldn't love the out house thing, but the retreat, yes! i love your photos. you are goooood!!

  9. Beautiful pictures! Happy Sunday!

    xo Shane

  10. wow! i want that space too.
    that sounds amazing. i gotta get me some space.

  11. now I want to add reeses to my shopping list.


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