Hello, Day

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Hello Thursday....Hello Snow.
And Hello to what feels like maybe the first real day of Winter.
This morning we got what I consider our first real snow.
Technically it snowed once the week of New Year's I think (?) but to me this is
the first real snow. We woke up to snow and it has been snowing off and on all day.
I have to say, besides the whole freezing cold thing, I was kinda ready for it.
Now, I also have to say that I will be over it pretty quick, too but right now it's fun.

I let Charlotte play outside after we got home from preschool.
I watched her from the back door, I am wimpy and it is way too cold and windy for me.
She was so excited. Wyatt got a snow board for Christmas that he has yet to use so
I have a feeling that's what we will be doing after we get him from school, too.

Yep, she is under there somewhere.
Now we are back to boots and scarves, mittens and gloves...
all in a pile by the back door and drying over the vents.
Back to shoveling (not me though) and scraping windows, leaving the house a little bit
earlier to get where we are going and driving with all of the other crazies out there on the road.

And just two days ago it was 60* and we were outside taking pictures in short-sleeves.
That is life in the Midwest I suppose.
yesterday I cleaned my office out really good.
I still have more to do but it felt good to make a big dent in it anyway and now I can open
the door back up without living in fear of anyone seeing what is in there ;)

This afternoon we are making homemade blueberry muffins with the last of my blueberries
frozen from the summer. Yum.
I think baking in the kitchen while watching the snow come down and listening to her is a
great way to spend the afternoon.
Don't you?

At the Estate Sale I went to last week I found a small pile of unmarked linens.
A dishtowel, a couple of these table runners/table cloth things (above), a vintage table cloth
and a couple other doilies. I took them up to the table and the guy said;
Oh yeah, I snatched that stack up so fast, afraid someone would correct him on the price.
I love when I find a deal like that.

Thanks for the book suggestions yesterday, keep 'em coming.
I just started reading this book and can't put it down (Thanks Tara) and several of the 
other suggestions weren't in at the library yesterday but I will keep checking.

Hope everyone has a great day!


  1. Love the new header....swoon-worthy for sure...xoxo

  2. In my home town, we have not had snow yet, but it's coming, here it's just been cold as ice. Like your pictures.thanks for sharing.

  3. It looks mighty cold but those boots look lovely and warm. Gorgeous photos and happy (belated) new year xx

  4. Hi just found your blog & totally love the title! My soon to be hubby & I were both born on Friday the 13th and we're planning on getting married this year on April 13th which falls on a Friday along with both our bdays 1/13 & 7/13! Weird!!!

    What a steal you got on your goodies from the estate sale & homemade blueberry muffins sound so yummy right now!!! Can't wait to read more of your blog!!!

  5. I have found the loveliest embroidered linens at estate sales for mere pocket change! I'm always happy for me but sad that such a beautiful piece of handmade art just isn't appreciated anymore! We have had a pretty snowless winter in the Northwest too...I'm dreading our next snowfall though! Homemade blueberry muffins sound just perfect on a snowy day though.

  6. Snowing at your place and beach-weather at mine. Ah, the world, huh?! x

  7. LOVE the photos~!
    we got lots of snow yesterday too, first real one anyway, love it!
    so pretty! I said that until I had to dry all their stuff and it was all over the house!

    Glad you loving Henry Oades, but if you love that one, you will love the Guernsey book 100x more even! I cried seriously, because I did NOT want it to end. LOVED IT....I will think of some more!


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