Dear Wednesday,

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I think I love you.
Wednesday might just be my favorite day of the week now, 
nearly beating out the weekend....nearly, not quite.
Last week Eric started working four 10-hour days and now has Wednesdays off.
Off. All day. At home.
It is dreamy, folks.

Not only does it give me a break from my transportation duties(can I get an Amen?)
but the kids love that he can take and pick them up for a change.
Happiness all around.
And I can run errands alone....during the week...what?
That never happens.

It is almost ridiculous how lazy my new phone is making me.
I have barely got my real camera out in the last week.
Seriously LaZy.
Besides Instagram, I love Camera +, it is fun and I use it a lot.
My old phone didn't zoom so I am just loving being able to do that now.
{I am amylucky13 on Instagram by the way}
I took all of the above photos on a quick drive through my
 favorite creepy, old cemetery yesterday.


It's another dreary, cloudy day but it's gonna be a good day.
I didn't make it to the library yesterday so I am headed there this morning, 
hoping some of the books I am looking for are in today.
Hope you all have a great day!


  1. Amen for getting to run errands alone! :-)

  2. Ohhh.... That does sound great! Im sure my kids would live that too. Not as much as me, though!

    Ps. I'm using instagram more than my camera lately too.. It's just way too easy!

  3. I have to force myself to use my camera. Not because I don't love it, but because I am very lazy these days, too. lol! Plus... instant gratification.

  4. Ps. The first landscape reflection shot is stunning!

  5. oh yes!
    amen to the daddy time!
    nathan has tuesdays off and it IS dreamy!
    he took the girls to lessons, the library and i got to stay home..YAY!
    what kind of a phone did you get, btw?
    awesome pics!!!

  6. I hear you on definitely puts real cameras on the shelf! I tried to find you under amylucky13 but couldn't....hmmmm. I'll try again! Beautiful photos by the way! I use camera+ too and love all the effects. I'm always using the 70's and hipster effects...not a hipster but totally born in the 70's!

  7. Ooh that's fantastic about your Wednesdays! I'm definitely guilty of shelving my camera in exchange for my phone and Instagram....We didn't even BRING our cameras to Hong Kong because we figured we'd just use our phones. Practically unheard-of, blasphemy even, in our household. :)

    Just added you on Instagram...though I found you under lucky13amy. I'm just LOVING those photos of the sunlight coming through, and of course, the last one too! You really are a great photographer!

  8. I just got sucked into instagram...don't have an iPhone. Taking pics with an iPad is much more of a challenge...and it's not with me when I need it. Can't wait til my contact is up so I can get a new phone.

    Love the graveyard pic. Be still my heart.

  9. I'll look for you on Instagram. I love your pics. x

  10. Oh the luxury of running errands alone during the week. I am very envious. Following you immediately on Instagram. I just started and am mildly obsessed by it.

  11. Alone time - OMG! I'll try to keep the green with envy tone out of my voice. But it is nice for everyone to have Eric around a mid-week. Especially if there is some shovelling to do...

  12. A weekday off with the hubby is bliss. I totally agree. BSD works an ever-changing work schedule so we have these types of days now and then. I love it. Try a lunch date. They're the best.


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