{Virtual Coffee}

Monday, January 23, 2012

Good morning, y'all.
Another Tuesday morning.
Ready for coffee?
If we were really meeting for coffee this morning, I would make you a pretty drink like this;
My hillbilly latte in my cute new bird cup.
How can you not love that cup? I about died when I saw it, my favorite color and a little bird?

So tell me how you are doing this morning...
What's going on in your life?
What do you have going on today?
and how was your weekend?

We did have a date night Saturday night and saw Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close.
My parent's kept the kids over night for us, hooray for that!
I really liked the movie a lot, it was good, an original story...just different in a good way.
I know a lot of people commented that it might be too sad to see in the theater and although
it was sad and I did cry, I didn't go into the ugly cry and I didn't leave feeling depressed.
Anyway, I do recommend it.

If we were really meeting for coffee this morning, you know I would have to give you
a weather report because how could we have coffee and not talk weather, ya know?
So, in the last week we have had two thunderstorms--rain, thunder and lightning... not a
snow storm, but thunderstorms. Crazy, crazy weather, it was just like Spring weather and
down where my parent's cabin is( hour+ South of us) there was actually tornado warnings.
It has by far been the mildest Winter in a long time.


On my to-do list today...

a trip to the library (girlfriend just can't stay away now that i paid off that fat*** fine)
drop off a ridiculous amount of hats, gloves, scarves, etc. to  be donated
grocery store
go print pictures
write & mail thank you cards

I am determined to tackle some of my to-do list this week.
Reminding myself today that my one little word is Begin and that is just what I need
to do, begin to start on some things I have been putting off/neglecting for far too long.
I had to share this below because I am in love with it, so cute.

                                                                  Source: myconcretesky.com via Amy on Pinterest

Thanks for stopping by for coffee today... I hope you all have a great day and
thank you for stopping by here.
If you are new here today and want to join in, just link up below.
Happy Tuesday!


  1. Oh my goodness, I just adore that cup! That little bird is just perfect! You've definitely intrigued me with Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close. I think I'll definitely have to see if I can find it! Thanks again for coffee, and best of luck to you beginning. :)

  2. Hi gorgeous girl- it is so GREAT to be back here slurping coffee from a DIVINE cup like that!!!!!

    Love the feet pickies...love the word *begin*...

    Hugs from *Down Under* to you and all at yours...

    Melissa xxx

  3. hey sweet thing....i would love a hillbilly latte! i would like to see that movie too...i love sad movies. is that weird? my weekend was good and i have my FIRST visitor coming today since we've moved 'cross country. so, yeah!! happy tuesday, friend :)

  4. simply love this idea of {virtual coffee}. new follower :)

    would you consider doing a blog hop with this one week? round up 4-5 blogs to kick it off, make a fancy-shmancy button to promote?? i'm in :)

    i like it around here... so glad i stopped by!!

  5. Amy,My 10 year old has asked to see that?? I don't know a whole lot about it besides being set around 9/11. Is it appropriate for him?

    That mug is so cute! I think if I bring another mug home the spouse won't be really happy with me.But one just broke yesterday so that makes room for a new one ;)

  6. how big is a big fine? just curious :) and i started the wives of henry oades last night. so far, it's really good!

  7. Now how did you make a cinnamon star in that lovely latte? I'm a die-hard library girl myself - I can read all I want without the cost and storage of buying. Happy Tuesday!

  8. I just bet I beat you in the F...fine at the library... $22. Yes. $22. I did, of course, get more books that day as well. Because I'm a library whore. Ours is in an old building and I just love the smell.

    Of course... because old smells good?

    You didn't ugly cry? Oh well, then it wasn't worth it. lol! I want to see that movie. But I still think I will wait. I saw that it was nominated for an oscar... Do you watch the oscars...

    Coffee was nice! I'll be back next week (of course) xo!

  9. Oh. my. gosh. I am coveting that cup. We saw that movie this weekend. I did ugly cry, but I thought it was excellent!

  10. I want that cup, it is too cute!

    I love that quote. :)

  11. finally, i'm having coffee *phew*
    i just love your new cup and that quote and artwork are just wonderful!
    thank you for being here and hosting this - i feel i don't say thank you enough...
    i really appreciate this gathering, and really miss it when i don't make the effort...
    with love from a greyly dark, i-want-january-to-be-over england - some thunderstorms would perk us up no end :) xxx

  12. Lucky! You missed all that snow Friday!?!? It was awful... Just in case you hadn't heard! Lol. Looove the new birdy cup! I'm determined to start checking stuff off too. Good luck. Thx for coffee....

    Ps. Don't check my pockets, there may be a bird cup in there! Hee


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