Notes On A Thursday

Thursday, January 19, 2012

This week is flying by.
I make to-do lists and then realize the day is nearly over and I didn't make a dent in my list.
Or rather I didn't do anything on my list, like at all.
But that's okay.

Earlier in the week when we still had some pretty snow we got outside 
to play --the kids in the snow and me with my camera.
If you look closely you can just barely see the snow falling.
It was so pretty outside on this particular day, the snow was just sparkling.

I am working on editing a bunch of pictures I took last Sunday of my friend and her three
little ones. We went to my favorite Environmental Preserve hoping to catch some
 good light before the sun went down and we caught it. 
It was perfect.

This was the sunset last night on our way to dinner, it was so pretty, the sun had just 
dipped below the trees. I love to be able to see the sun go down in an open field.

This morning I am sitting in my favorite little coffee shop killing time until
 I have to go pick up my girl in a little bit. 
She said last night she couldn't fall asleep because she was too excited for school...
not sure why, it's just a regular day.
It makes me wonder what she will think about school next year and being gone all day.
She will probably be fine.

Well, I hope you all have a great day, hope your week is flying by, too.
Happy Thursday everyone!


  1. This week is flying by here, too.

    I a-d-o-r-e the back lit portrait shot. Oh so captivating! And the landscape picture beneath it. Uh. Oh. I take back anything I ever said about Indiana. Gorgeous!! And yes it deserves to exclamation points.

    Anthony is in kindergarten and they still have half days here. (YAY!) but he can't turn off his mind at night. I know HE will be okay, too. I'm right with you there sistah.

    Time flies, period. Just, period.

  2. ahhh i recognize that coffee shop. mom and i stumbled onto it when we were in the area. i guess it's been there for awhile...had no idea. wish i could have been sitting there with you. lovely pics.

  3. this week is TOTALLY FLYING by~
    I think it's because we had a four day weekend!
    I feel icky, getting a cold, ate too many cookies ( I made the pb chip/choc. chip/pretzel ones--YUM)
    and I didn't workout today or yesterday ugh!
    happy thursday!

  4. Ah, that was a nice little interlude in my (also flying!) week. x

  5. You make the snow look so pretty! I have to be honest, we have only gotten it once this year and I have loved that : ) Driving in it makes me cry! It sure is pretty though, isn't it? You captured it so perfectly.


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