Friday, January 20, 2012

I meant to share this last week.
The license drama has ended...until next year. Just kidding ; )
But why does it have to say 'arrest date'? It was just a ticket, folks.

Just a little bit of my week in pictures.
My new phone has gotten a work-out this week.

Anything fun planned for the weekend?
I am hoping to go to the movie this weekend, I really wanna see this
hoping we can beg get the grandparents to watch the kids.
Other than that, not much going on at all and I am glad.
HaPpY fRidAy, y'all.

life rearranged


  1. i want to see that movie, too!
    have a wonderful weekend!
    looks like we're getting more snow though, so we'll be cuddling in at home. :)

  2. I want to see that movie too, but I will wait until it comes out on dvd. I know I'm gonna look like a hot mess w/ all the crying I'm SURE will take place. ;o)

  3. Hi, I found your blog through InstaFriday
    Looks like you had a busy week!

    My hubby and I are also hoping for the grandparents to watch the kiddies so we can go out! I hope you get your date night! :)

  4. Love the last pic! That's my mom's song to the boys! Hope y'all have a great weekend!!!

  5. I really want to see that movie too! Looks so good. You Are My Sunshine pic = so sweet!

  6. loved looking through your pics. looks like a fun week! :)

  7. Loving the collage! Looks like you guys have been enjoying the snow, also. Have fun seeing the movie!

  8. I read that book, and am waiting for it to be on video, I would cry to hard in the theater! learned that when I went to see The Help! ha ha!
    have a HAPPY fun weekend~!

  9. I want to see that movie too! I will bring plenty of tissues. I could use a good cry.

  10. What a fun week! I think my husband is quite close to getting a failure to pay notice himself!! Hope you enjoy the movie, it's on my to see list as well!

  11. LOL at the arrest date! That's pretty funny! Yikes!

  12. I hope you get that date night, ya felon.

    But that movie?! Omgosh no way. Not in the theaters at least. I'm such a crier. lol!

    Happy Saturday, chica.

  13. adorbs :) happy weekend to yOU!


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