Thursday, January 5, 2012

Happy Friday, friends.
How are you?
I am procrastinating this morning by editing photos, blogging and whatever else I can
think of besides heading to the DMV right now. Ughhhhh.
I hate going. And I am kinda nervous that I am going to have to take the written test.
Oh, and on a side-note, my license expired about five months ago.
No, I didn't say five days, I really did say five months ago. Yikes.

I should have went yesterday morning when I had actually gotten ready to go somewhere.
When you don't normally get yourself ready to go anywhere in the morning and
you do one random morning, the kids are very suspicious.
Where are you going, mommy?
Why are you putting on so much make-up?
Why are you curling your hair?
A girl can't even get herself ready?
I guess that shows you how often I take the time to get ready first thing in the morning, huh?
Kinda sad really.
After school dropping the kids off at school, running a couple errands and then preschool
pick-up I met up with a childhood friend here from California and took pictures of her three girls.
I felt like I was going to work, so I got ready. I kinda liked it.

But anyway.
The beginning of this year has me thinking a whole lot about what 2012
has in store for us and specifically on my mind lately is what this coming Fall
is going to look like for me.
Ummm...my baby will be in kindergarten. But I'm not even going to talk about that right now.
It's called denial, friends, and it totally works for me.
Unless the stork leaves a baby on my door step before then it looks like I will need to be working.
Working somewhere, doing something.
I am not freaking out about it, or worrying yet, there is plenty of time for that.
But here is what I am thinking;
This might just be the perfect time to try something on my own, something I really want to
do, to give something else a try.
The timing might be right.

I have tossed around the idea for quite some time now of actually taking pictures for
people, taking this whole photography thing one step further.
Like as a job, a side job.
I am thinking of starting this Spring and ease myself into it, see if anything happens, if
I like it, hate it, if I could even do it part-time....and then go from there.
That's what I am thinking right now.

Just a little peek from yesterday...
I had to throw in one of my sweet little assistant Charlotte who cooperated and stayed
out of my way  most of the time. She was rewarded with ice cream afterwards.

Even saying this out loud makes me kinda nervous about it.
I wonder if I really went for it if my love of photography would change...
would the fun be taken out of it for me? Would I end up hating it?
What if I am not good at it? What if  people weren't happy with their  pictures?
What if  no one wanted me to take pictures for them?
What if I am not organized enough for this?
The what-ifs and questions are there but I am actually not focusing on those as much
as I am the positive things and the possibilities.

I'm not sure what will happen, what I will decide to do or where this will all go if anywhere.
But this year is a time for change and I think I am ready for it.
The timing might be right and I think I just might be ready to take a big leap...or think about
taking a big leap anyway.
We'll see.


Hope everyone has a great day--now I need to get ready so Charlotte and I can go hang at
the DMV for a few hours. Don't be jealous.


  1. I think this sounds like a great idea. your photos are always amazing - I'm always telling you that. I love your pictures, you always manage to capture the moment just right. I think this job sounds perfect for you. there will always be what if's no matter what you do, you have to at least give it a go, at least then you can say you tried x x x x

  2. Your photos are so great and you'd be great at doing it for a living...... but I'm always scared of taking something I love into something to make money would destroy my love for it, too. Lots to think about for you......

  3. I say go for it! Ive been doing photos on the side for friends for awhile now and this thought has always bounced around in my head for the past couple years.

    I saw if you are already at that point of questioning yourself seriously about it, then just dive right into it. The worst that can happen is it's not hat you expected it to be and you can always put it back the way it was, right?

    Have fun at the DMV!.... haha.... yea... :0)

  4. I think you should go FOR IT. Just don't set your prices too low because it ticks off other photographers!!!!
    Set your standards high, because you are worth it AND it will make it easier not having to raise prices later! I was doing photography back in 2005-6 and as much as it worked out that it was perfect timing, it did take away my love for it just a little bit. People were rude, asking for discounts, asking for me to do free things for this & that and blah . don't let people take advantage of YOU. LOVE your work and I would totally hire you!

  5. Wooooo 2 the hooooo!!! Go for it.

    Which I know is easier said than done because I've been walking that line for a long time, too.

    What I decided... I'm going back to school and I'll be doing the photography thing part time, but I'm planning on easing into it in the spring, too. A side job.

    I have the very SAME doubts as you. And I'm scared as hell because I've been trying to decide if this is the right thing for me. Plus with one more surgery up I'm nervous about mobility. SO I GET THIS POST.

    And I'm in denial, too. I don't even want to to talk about the K- word. (shhhhhh!!!)

    Lots to think about, chica. You would ROCK the photog business. Just sayin... xo!

  6. GO FOR IT!
    you have a natural gift with photography and that is just so exciting!
    go with BOTH FEET girl!
    i would be your client ANYDAY!

    ps you had me giggling at FIVE MONTHS! :))))

  7. First of all TOTALLY love your hair in those photos. Oh, how I wish I had long flowy hair like that...

    Anway, on to your new adventure. DO IT!!!!!!! YES, YES, YES!!! This is your calling I can tell by how passionate you are when you talk about taking pictures and how you can make the most simple thing look stunning in a photograph. You would be awesome!

    There's my two cents. Have a GREAT weekend.

  8. Go for it girl. You've definitely got the artistic eye. Hate the DMV. Got into an arguement with one of the grouchy employees at that very one. You sure looked pretty.

  9. Oh my gosh! Have you not seen your photos?! They are beyond amazing! Your processing is beautiful. I've always been so inspired by your photography. You should go for it! I'd love to see your journey in that adventure. :) Cute new header, BTW.

  10. If that's what you're feeling, totally GO FOR IT girl! Your photos are amazing and lovely, and now sounds like the perfect chance to give it a try. You never know what might come of it and what doors might open. Whether it works out or not, you'll learn something from it and never regret trying. But you might regret NOT giving it a shot. So get out there and do it girl! And I'm sure you'll do fabulously!

  11. it's my first time visiting your blog. amazing photos! following you now :)

  12. You have the most important quality that I think a photographer needs and that is an eye to see what makes a great photo. Being able to tell a story with a photo is not always something a person can learn. The technical aspects of photography can always be learned or improved upon, I work on it every day. But, i have also seen plenty of technically accurate photos as far as exposure etc. that were just plan unexciting, bland. You've got the eye. If you end up hating it as a business, you can always go back to doing it just for fun. I would love to be a full-time photographer, but I am primarily a wildlife and landscape photographer which is a whole different ball of wax. You are experienced with portrait photography and I know you will capture stories for families, not just images. All of this to say . . . Go For It!

  13. You should absolutely go for it! I started shooting weddings, at first, but then switched to lifestyle and interiors. You have a great idea and take beautiful pics!

  14. i know just what you are saying.
    i think the biggest danger is the part about your love of photography being affected if its a real job.
    it seems you'd have to really have the self discipline to remember why you love it and not get sucked into everyone's judgements of you?
    that's what i have been thinking too.

  15. Exciting prospect! I know just how you feel about the second guessing, doubts. I always talk myself out of doing things b/c of the "what-ifs." And it sucks! But you never know until you try.

    As long as it's not something that's going to ruin you financially, why the heck not try it?!?! You've got nothing to lose.

    Grab 2012 and RUN! Best of luck to you, Amy!!!

    PS...your hair is smokin' in these pix. :)


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