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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

You know how right after Christmas is over, like the very next day, all of the  "New Year, New You"
things bombard you the second you walk into the stores?
They know just what they are doing and who they are targeting...work out clothes, water bottles,
exercise equipment, storage and organization everything, calendars, journals...
And I am a sucker for all of it, I am one of the people they are targeting.
I admit it. And I'm fine with it, too.

I am loving all things new and fresh right now... cleaned out and organized.
Rearranging things, putting things away, moving the sewing machine table downstairs
(is this the year I will really learn to use it?) and hanging an old mirror in a new spot.
It feels good.

Oh yeah, I am a total sucker for the New Year magazines, too.
Full of all things fresh and new, and although I don't think I am going to change my life just sitting here
reading a magazine, I like the ideas and inspiration and all of the positive You Can Do It talk.
And these little moleskine journals, love them, in every size.
I got myself this new journal below right before Christmas but saved it for the new year.
Isn't it cute?

I am a journaler and have been for a long, long time.
I go in and out of phases of keeping up with it, but I do know that writing is good for me.
It helps me, just getting it out and letting it go, especially at the end of the day or before bed.
I also love journals just  for scribbling ideas, drawing and of course for lists, too.

I am ready for more purging and maybe a little bit of painting.
This brand new table cloth for my dining room table and a plate of jars filled with
tea light candles makes me happy.
I know a lot of people don't like taking down all of their holiday decorations but I was
ready. And really, I was so ready for non-Christmas colors around here.

                          Source: lifes-a-journal.com via Amy on Pinterest

I am not about to sabotage myself with a whole list of Resolutions I can't keep but there are
definitely things I want to do more of and less of... and a few new things I want to try.
I am going to do my best.
So, what about you?
Any goals, resolutions, plans?

                              Source: etsy.com via Amy on Pinterest

Have a great Wednesday everyone, hope it is aMaZinG.


  1. Oh that marketing thing is amazing, isn't it. . .I've seen so many cool water bottles. . .and I don't even exercise, but I am drawn to them! Drawn I tell you!

    Loved your post about the balloons. We as mama's we tend to get hung up on things, don't we!

  2. I'm pumped and excited too! ha!
    love it!
    oh and I'm reading... "organized simplicity" you hhhhhhave to read it! so motivating!

  3. and just where did you get that lovely new tablecloth? i love it!

  4. Hmmm and here I thought all that was geared directly towards "me" lol.... *wink*

  5. I am also a prime target for all the "new year, new you" stuff. And I can't stop buying moleskins. My goal is to stay home more ;-)

  6. Such a great and positive post, I love it. I also love that mirror, it's gorgeous. happy new year, I hope it is a good one x x x x

  7. my resolution is to cut myself some slack...not set a ton of crazy goals, you know? i love your journal. i'm a big journaler too.

  8. Yep I'm a sucker. I love anything to with self improvement. We all have room for it right? My resolution this year is to cook more for my family and to live healthy in every area of my life.

  9. I love the feeling of calmness and enthusiasm at the same time in this post . I don't make new years resolutions ,yet this year I promised to myself to no rush the moments but really let myself dive into them .
    Have an inspiring year !

  10. Awesome journal! I'm a journal addict too. It's a new habit, actually. I always loved the IDEA of journals, but never had the dedication to keep a diary. (Funny, considering I'm a blogger...) But that all changed when I figured out I could use my journal for anything I wanted. Since then, I keep one on me at all times, for to-do lists, shopping lists, ideas, writing snippets, favorite quotations I stumble across.

    My goal this year? Keep writing, blogging, and taking photos. {My secret, big goal? Get my novel out into the big, wide world. SCARY.}

    Hope your year is a fantastic one!

  11. I am easing my way into this new year. Contemplating what I want to do and accomplish. I always set little, tiny resolutions that are easy to keep. Haven't come up with anything for this year though.

    I'm going for my word this year. I've let it go for two years now, but this year I think I have one I like. Still wrapping my head around it for a while first before I commit. hehe...

    Happy New Year! Happy New You! Happy Fresh Start, Amy! Hope 2012 is a great one. And hey...the 12 balloons idea will be even more symbolic at the end of 2012 so don't sweat it.

  12. Oh you have been shopping at target. I've been eying those moleskin books for ages...and that collection of yellow and grey. It looks lovely in your home. I think I'll just enjoy how it looks there (instead of clashing with my colors). Happy new year.

  13. I try to make a goal list, but a lot of times I fail so I decided to write a bunch of things down, but focus on the ones that TRULY matter!
    here are a few important ones of mine:

    1. read the Bible all the way through. to help with this I downloaded the YOU version Bible app. I LOVE IT! it marks off what you should read each day after you read it, you can highlight passages etc.

    2. walk/run/elliptical 1,000 miles for the year.

    3. eat healthier = lose 25-30lbs. this will be do-able if I do the one above!

    4. be intentional with my time(with family being in the moment)

    5. journal daily & print weekly instagram photos to go in a Project Life (sort of) thing I am doing!

    those are the most important to me!

    have fun! I love this time of year!
    oh and I decided to re-evaluate each month and make new goals for every month! makes it like it's Jan. all year long and will keep me on track!


  14. Love your blog Amy! And the table cloth- oh my word! Love!
    This year I'm already purging, cleaning, donating and organizing. IT FEELS SO GOOD! Why don't we do this sooner? I also joined a gym because I decided that this is the year I FINALLY get healthy.
    Have I mentioned I love your blog??:)


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