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Monday, January 30, 2012

Good Morning.
I am up early and ready for the day, I mean not humming and smiling and walking
with a bounce in my step, but up. I am up.
I am attempting to get up earlier to walk before the kids are up.
Now, that is not easy when it is freezing and snowy but today it is not either of those.
The high today is supposed to be 60*. In January.
There is a chance of rain but 60* in January and I will take it.

So, if we were really meeting for coffee this morning I would have to ask if you realized
it was the last day of January. What?
The first month of the new year, gone.
What do you think about that?
I normally think January is such a long, dragging kind of month but because we have had
such unusually mild weather it has not seemed so awful this year.
I know the bad weather is still to come but January was kinda easy.

So yesterday two packages arrived.
Do you LOVE getting packages as much as I do?
I mean, I ordered these for myself and still it is exciting to me. ha.
So anyway, one of the things I got was my first Smash journal.
I am in love.
I am a journaler, a picture-taker and a doodler so this is perfect for me.

If you were at my house for coffee this morning, I would have to remind you to watch out
for the Calico Critters. They are everywhere. Everywhere.
In cars, in the General Store,  playing hide-and-go seek and having a Square Dance.
These things have been the best investment ever, she plays with them every single day.
And the elephant family? My fave.

If we were really meeting for coffee this morning I would ask about your weekend.
How was it?
Saturday was a big day for us, it was the Pinewood Derby... all of you Boy Scout moms
know what I am talking about, right?
So this is Wyatt's first year in Boy Scouts so it was his first derby and wow,
it is really a big deal...I had no idea.
He was happy with how his car turned out and him and Eric had fun making it.
It was really cute to see him so excited for it and both sets of grandparents came as well as his
cousins, so he had his own little cheering section.

Since it has been so nice the last couple of days we walked two days in a row now...
without completely bundling up.
Yesterday we even busted out the scooters and played at the playground.
It is dreamy. And I love it when you get a completely random nice day and everyone is outside.
people walking, running, on bikes and motorcycles, at the playground, working outside...oh,
and don't forget about the people who busted out their convertibles.
And no, it was not that nice.

Check out girlfriend's outfit.
Pretty colorful, huh? Lots of pattern going on.
Her new thing is to wear long socks over her leggings and pull them all the way
up like that. Somehow I think it still looks pretty cute on her though. But I could be biased.
Just maybe.

Thanks so much for stopping by here today, I do love company on a Tuesday ya know.
Link up your post to join in.
Have a great day!


  1. I easily love getting packages just as much! Doesn't matter if it's something I know about or something I don't... just the opening alone is swoon-worthy!

    Happy week to you, Amy. LOVE those socks! x

  2. Oh I love packages in the mail! Especially being all the way out here...packages are like Christmas presents! Well, actually, they are liable to be either bday or xmas gifts, if we're getting anything at all...

    Haha, girl's got style! I must admit, I kinda' dig the layered socks look. Must keep the toes nice and toasty anyway! Thanks for the coffee, Amy. Hope you have a great week!

  3. Thanks for the coffee Amy, your little boy looks so proud in his scout uniform...so sweet. I am also digging the long sock thing too..something our little girl Storm likes to do!
    Thanks again, enjoy your week
    Gill x

  4. gorgeous, gorgeous photos! and, as always, just lovely to share coffee with you :)
    PS can you send some warmth this way?? it's f-r-e-e-z-i-n-g here and expected to get colder throughout the week! *brrrr*

  5. Okay, so I saw those smash journals at Paper Source and I felt like I wanted one....I did not buy it, but I may go back. I would love to see a sample of what you'd do on the inside, unless it's private, of course. ;-)

  6. i LOVE getting packages in the mail...and your daughters outfit is ADORABLE!

  7. Loving Charlottes little style she has got going on. i think it is great that she is so interested in what she wears, good for her, she looks great x x x x

  8. I can't believe you are in running shoes on January 31! We haven't had much winter here either but it's definitely boot weather. I hope you enjoyed your day in the sun! We are headed to scouts winter camp this weekend - oh joy - but at least this year the bathrooms are in the same building as the bunks! Bonus!

  9. Those elephants are darling!

    I think your daughter is adorable. I practically live in leggings, myself...lol.

  10. ok girlfriend- firstly socks over tights are totally waaaaay coooool!

    and secondly -even if they're not - you can really only pull of this look when you're little...and ceeute...and C ticks both those boxes!!

    you know- each year in Australia- Jan 30 is when the kids start their new school year- i didn't even realise the month had gone as i'm sooo busy being worried, organised, happy, excited and all the other things us mothers are as our kids head back to a new school year- particularly as my kiddos have travelled 12,000 miles to start this one!

    Huge hugs - i'm just getting my blogging balance back after the move home and the 5 weeks summer hols!!

    Melissa xx

  11. Oh my...the Pinewood derby. Yay! We are no longer in Scouts...but we still have 4 or 5 derby cars. What a big day!

  12. ok...
    1. what are you going to do without picnik??
    2. i love your baby's outfit.
    3. little boy scouts are the cutest.
    4. SHUT UP! about the smash journal!!! i just saw them at micheals and almost bought it. but didn't. i've been wanting one fooooorrrever, so i'll go back but i wanted to see if there were better deals out there. where'd you order yours??

  13. i thought I left you a comment~
    although I don't see it here?!
    did you get my last comment about a photo shoot!?

  14. I adore the mixing of patterns and colors. She has a fun fashion sense. :) Also, the derby is a big deal. Yay! Those photos are so fun.

    Nick still has his derby car that he made with his dad. It is a treasured memory for him.

  15. ok I'm new to this space...but i love the virtual coffee idea :o) (for obvious reasons)

    love the pics...and i too love the colors and patterns.

    ~simply stork~


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