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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

{One Little Word 2012:: Begin}

When both of the kids were babies and even during my pregnancies
(especially the first one, naturally) I was really good about documenting.
Saving cards and shower invitations and putting them in a scrapbook to save forever....
Taking pictures and actually printing them and even--gasp-- passing them out to family instead
of only emailing or texting them.
Making scrapbooks, writing in baby books, keeping track of all of those little things we think
we are never, ever going to forget but inevitably do....I did that.
I don't anymore.

It's funny because in a way, by blogging I am documenting more of our lives and so
many of those little moments now then I was then, but in a different way.
But I feel like I have been missing something, really missing something.
A hard copy, notes in my handwriting, picture books to actually sit down and look at with the kids.
I decided I(we) need a hard copy.

I need a Hard Copy of Birthdays and first days of school and going down the
big slide at the playground for the first time and fishing and playing in the sprinkler and
baking and Lego creations...all of it.
All the big things and all of the little things, too.
The everyday things are what I really want to document for my kids--and to be honest,
for myself, too.

Recently my cousin was sent a bunch of pictures of her dad from a high school girlfriend
of his. Pictures and keepsakes my cousin and her brother had never seen before.
From someone that they do not know.
Imagine if this girlfriend had not kept these things, had not realized that all of these little
things tell a part of the story of his life.
I love stuff like that and especially in their case when their dad is not around to tell some of
these stories, to get a little piece of the past.
It's just another reminder to me that I need a hard copy of our little lives.

So I ordered the beginner Project Life core kit and I am going to go print pictures either today
or tomorrow and I am beginning to document in a different way, in another way.
Oh-and I ordered the Clementine kit and I like it as much in real life as I thought I would.

I will keep you posted on how this goes, I think it will be very do-able for me...but then
again I think that about lots of things : )
And being a picture-taker, a journaler , a saver of scraps of paper and notes and ticket
stubs and hand-drawn pictures...I really think I will like having it all together in one place.


I love this quote, just because.
Happy Wednesday, hope you all are making today happy.


  1. My sister (@Life in a Pink Fibro) recently turned her blOg into a book... I'm doing that!! x

  2. PS - you're penmanship is so beautiful! x

  3. Yes your handwriting is indeed beautiful. It will look gorgeous together with all your pics in your new project life binder! Funny note: My project life order is sitting in my amazon shopping cart for a while now, waiting to be send. I think you just convinced me to really go for it! Thanks! just the last little push that I needed! Did I ever tell you that my sweet little one was also born on a Friday the 13th?! Happy Wednesday Amy!

  4. oh, how i wish i could do this, too.
    right now it just can't happen!
    i think i'll explode if i add anything else to my life right now. booo!
    LOVE your writing and creativity!!!

  5. I think it is a wonderful idea. I tried to journal/scrapbook and never could keep to it. That's why I blog....and each year I print it into a book for our little keepsake.

  6. I started Project Life last year and LOVE it.. it's so easy and most of all simple! I hope you enjoy it as much as we have. :)

  7. How are you liking project life? I looked into it and may have to get a set myself. Are you doing weekly layouts or just random?

  8. So excited that you are starting PL. I too think it is a perfect mix of all the things you love - journaling, photography and collecting. I think you better plan now on taking at least two albums to include everything....I think you could fill a 2 page spread each DAY with your lovely pics. Can't wait to see what you do....glad you like the Clementine.....I'm just a bit jealous.


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