{Virtual Coffee}

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

{sorry i am so late for coffee...}

Good Morning.
How is everybody doing out there?
Are you ready for coffee this morning?
I sure am.

I am up a little early today and it was a struggle... with a capital "S".
Are you a morning person?
Or do you struggle to get up,  literally dragging yourself out of bed sometimes, too?
I honestly wish I was just naturally a morning person,  no effort required...
or little effort required anyway.
But in the Winter it is so hard for me, especially on the mornings when it is really cold and
still dark outside.


Anyway, if we were really meeting for coffee this morning...
I would tell you all about our weekend.
It was a busy weekend, a good kinda busy, lots of birthday celebrating and family time.
We hung up a birthday banner before Eric got home from work on Friday and I let the kids each
pick out a balloon for him along with a little gift from each of them.
Wyatt picked out a camouflage Illini hat and Charlotte picked out a combination
lock for his bike. ha. Pretty funny and they both thought they picked out the best gift ever.

And Saturday morning (here's where a little mom bragging comes in) we went to an open
gym thing and the kids both did the rock climbing wall.
I was so proud of them!
Charlotte was ready to do it and did it multiple times, that girl has little fear in her at all.
Wyatt, on the other hand, is not so fond of heights, and said before we left he was not going
to do it. Of course I wasn't going to make him do it but I knew that if he did he might like it
and he would feel good about trying it.
Anyway,  he decided himself that he wanted to do it and I think he was glad he did,
I was beyond proud of him for trying something he was really scared to do.

Saturday night the kids had a sleep-over with their cousins at my brother's and Oh Lord, they
were so excited about that.
Eric and I met two other couple out for dinner, which is something we rarely ever do.
Is that weird? I think it might be kinda weird how little we do that, a little anti-social.
Usually when we have a sitter we just go out together, the two of us.

If we were really meeting for coffee ----

*I have been trying to finish this post for the last three and a half hours or so, internet
connection messed up again! This is driving me crazy and making me way too mad {:(
Uggggghhhh. Time for me to go pick up from preschool now and I really wasn't even done--
oh well.


  1. We are anti-social like that too :/
    But we did hang out with friends for Tim's birthday last weekend also.

    Can you believe I worked at one of those places with a rock wall for over 12 years and my kids NEVER did it? Shame on me!

  2. How awesome that Wyatt faced a fear and concurred it with Momma right by his side!

  3. My hubby and I tend to go out alone..but we also enjoy others but sometimes it takes work to plan to go out with others. we also enjoy each other. maybe that is how you & your hubby feel? thanks for coffee, I needed it!! hugs, cathy

  4. So awesome about the rock climbing wall. In all the photos that's the first one I noticed and I thought wow I don't know if I could do that. Your kids ROCK!!!

    OH, and no it doesn't mean you're antisocial it means you would rather have quality time together as a couple.


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