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Thursday, February 23, 2012

You know there is a lot of talk about being in the moment, living right where you are right 
now and all that jazz and I would like to think that I do a (sorta) good job of it with
 the kids sometimesBUT, it is a lot harder than it sounds.
I want to try harder though, I am trying.
I have a secret fear.
I am afraid that one day I will wake up and my kids will be 12 and 14 or 
15 and 17 and I will look at them and wonder why I didn't savor the
little moments and days when they were younger a little bit better.
I know, but believe me, I have way stranger thoughts than this.

It is really difficult to slow down and not rush through the little moments of every day
when you are the mom though. There is always something to do next, something waiting, 
somebody that needs something from you. Right?

Yesterday we had a Birthday Party for Charlotte's Panda, Pandy.
She said he was turning five and she wanted to make a banner and a treat for his party.
We made donut-cupcakes, which is really just cupcakes in the donut maker.
Now, let me be honest, my first thought was that I really wanted to get the laundry
 done (okay, started), clean the kitchen and maybe get her to have quiet time in her
 room so I could have some quiet time of my own.
But then I thought; how much longer is she going to want to have a party for
 her stuffed animals? My guess is not much longer. 
So I indulged her.
We made the banner and the treats and I did not rush her.
I got no laundry done, the rest of the house was not tended to before we had to go to
school for the 3rd day in a row to help out with something and the only thing
that got done in the kitchen was the dishes, but the mess will 
still be there tomorrow, right?

{The birthday boy himself}

But the party was a success...and we did go a little crazy with the sprinkles because
 more is always better when it comes to sprinkles.


A little more of our week Instagram-style

Happy Friday.

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  1. I was thinking yesterday about getting a donut maker. I've seen a couple of posts about it and now this one! I think it's a sign dont you? wink!
    Happy Friday

  2. yup, the mess will always be there! now another cool idea would be to make her a little mini scrapbook of the party so she will remember it for always! I did that after a party my girls had for their dolls and they LOVE looking at it!
    she's so precious! eat up the time because I look at mine now and they are so big! thankfully ava still wants to do little girl things! but this year mine will turn 11 and 13 UGH!!!!!!!!!! where does time go?~!

  3. Panda parties are so much more fun than housework... any day!
    Props to you for letting the other stuff wait! As a mom, I know that is one of the hardest things to do and we have to make ourselves do it sometimes. But it is SO worth it.... with sprinkles on top!

  4. Way to go, Mommy! You did the right (and most excellent!) thing! I may just copy you and "sprinkle" something with my kids this weekend!

  5. I seriously love this post.You know this is the kind of thing she'll remember when she is a mom someday.

    Awesome Mommy moment Amy!!

  6. Oh my goodness!! I love your blog! So cute... that vintage soda bottle with the darling little girl sittin' on those turquoise stairs was love at first site. Oh and my birthday is Oct. 13th so it's always been my favorite/lucky number!

    So glad I found you via Life Rearranged! Love the sprinkles too! Everything is better with sprinkles!!!

  7. I love all of this, Amy! The sprinkles, the donut cupcakes, the message and that great photo of Charlotte. You have to print and frame that one.

  8. What a good Mama you are! I know every Mom relates to those thoughts...sweet to see it put into words though! I got the Flea Market style mag too...AND the new Vintage Style...have you seen that? So unfair when they put two great ones out at the same time and you have to agonize over the choice!

  9. I think those kinds of thoughts all the time, it is not weird. And I know I will end up regretting that alone time I am always trying to get (although it doesn't happen that often). I remember when I was pregnant with my first child, a stranger walked up to me in a restaurant and said: "don't waste time cleaning your house all the time. Spend time with your kids. The house will be a mess again in a matter of hours and your kids will grow up before you know it." Well, I guess she had some regrets. At the time it just struck me as a strange thing to tell someone you have never seen before. But now I understand.

  10. awwwwwwww, love all your pics!!! angie

  11. You sprinkle everything with an extra dose of LOVE!!!!


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