Can I Do This?

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Okay guys, today is Ash Wednesday and I have officially given up pop for lent.
Yeah, we say pop, not soda...It's pop here ; )
Anyway, this is gonna be, I'm not entirely convinced I can do it.
I LOVE a fountain diet coke, like love it...with crushed ice.
Too much.
I don't have one every day but every other day or several times a week anyway.
So I am telling you because I need the accountability...maybe this will jump start overall
eating better and kicking other bad habits and losing weight...maybe not.
Or maybe I will just be a total grouch pining for a fountain drink day and night....
snapping at the kids and husband and sneaking off to McDonalds in the middle of the night
for a large diet coke.
Wish me luck!


Some other things I am loving this week that doesn't involve diet coke or dr. pepper...

gorgeous church flare

these colors

her wanting to know how to spell words all the time now

 this necklace 

watching my boy perform with his little group at school in preparation for the real thing this
coming Saturday
I am so proud of him-plus look at him in his little suit jacket : )

and the best thing about today; this day that begins somewhat of a challenge for me with
 the whole giving up something for forty whole days, was the sunset this morning.
yep, i was out and about early this morning and am so happy i was-
just look at what i got to see...

do you ever feel just so lucky to get to see things like this?
and these pictures don't do the sunrise i saw justice at all.
i am so happy i got to start my day off like this.


no pop today.
1 day down...39 to go.
happy wednesday, y'all.

**eta:: I should have said my necklace is from :: here.
go check out all of her beautiful jewelry!


  1. You can do it....its the journey of sacrifice....if you have some pop just pick yourself up and start again....xoxo

  2. You can totally do it!! Yes you can! And now after seeing that soda I really want one. I'm giving up lattes. I spend far too much money on them. And maybe I'll drop a few as well.
    Gorgeous flare and what an amazing sunset!

  3. I LOVE that necklace: "Stand in your light" - what a fabulous motto. Good luck with giving up the pop. I'm sure you can do it!

  4. You CAN do it!! I'm not shopping, put away all my credit cards, the only things I can buy are bare necessities like food, and cleaning products. That's it. I'm getting antsy already!!

  5. Hi Amy,
    I'm from Fl so I still say soda...but giving it up??!! Oh I hear ya...i don't have any in the house but find myself hitting that McD drive thru WAY too often! Good luck to you can do it! loved the sunrise has been beautiful lately.
    have a happy day
    your boy in that suit...sweet!!!:)

  6. BEAUUUTIFUL pics! i like the idea of giving up Pop...i've thought about doing that too this lent. i think we can do it...yes we can!! :) also...WHERE EVER did you get that necklace??!!! love love love!

  7. love the church pics. . .both the flare and the sunrise!!

    Way to go on the lenten fast. . .we will be crabby together. My kids actually got fearful when the heard I was giving up coffee. Annika wanted to know if I would need to take a nap everyday to survive! Here's hoping the crabbies aren't too bad!

  8. Amy, I've tried giving up pop and coffee before. The coffee thing ended up in a sever migraine and near death. Ok not really. But the pop thing, you can do it. I know you can. Thanks for sharing!

  9. I'm giving up desserts.
    38 days to go...

    I hold you accountable, but since I'm here and you are there I will have to develop a psychic sense. Just picture a Italian Mexican German jiminey cricket on your shoulder until I become telepathic...

  10. I call it pop, too. I've never said soad and think it sounds weird when people call it that. I'm a sucker for Diet Pepsi, but stopped buying it at the grocery completely right after the New Year. Now, we only have pop when we eat pizza. Othewise it's water, iced tea, hot tea or coffee. It'll be easier for you than you think! I have faith in you! (I'm an ice junkie, too... Taco Bell and Frish's have the best little round ice clusters... so perfect. I go there just for their ice! :)

  11. I'm sure you can do it! Now, I don't think I could...but I'm pretty weak when it comes to Diet Coke. :)
    You always have such lovely photos here. I feel a little inspired every time I come, so thank you for sharing!


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