Sunday, February 5, 2012

This is where I started my day.
Before I picked the kids up from their sleepover at my brother's I met my mom at church.
I'm pretty sure my mom was glaring when I got my phone out to take pictures.
It was at the end when the singing was almost over and people were
 walking out, in my defense.
It is the most beautiful church, especially when it is sunny because it makes
 the stained-glass windows look so cool.

I only have to be asked once if I have anything I need to do or if I want to get 
out of the house by myself for a while. The shoes are on and I am grabbing
 my purse, camera and coat before anyone can blink.
Bu-bye family, see you in a couple of hours.

Sunny skies, big fluffy clouds, beautiful day.
Went to the park, broke in my new tennis shoes and took myself a walk.
I sat by the pond in the park and listened to the peace and quiet, not a sound.
So peaceful.

I need quiet alone time like this.
Not want it, but need it.
I feel so calm and refreshed and ready to go back home and take on
 the day/evening/week. 
The laundry and dishes and never-ending dog messes.

What would you do or where would you go with a couple of hours all to yourself? 
If you're like me it probably depends on the day and your mood.
It was a good day and a busy, fun weekend.
Happy Sunday.


  1. Girl these are beyond good. Love the inside of the church. Seems familiar.

  2. Becky- that's St. James Catholic Church, prettiest church ever : )

  3. I see what you mean about the church, it is stunning. I think it is nice that you are able to appreciate the building, it would be wrong not to take photos of it so you can enjoy it all the time :) Great photos, especially loving the barn ;) x x x x

  4. I wish I could go and take a walk in that beauty...I live in the middle of a city and this country is so overcrowded it is difficult to get to real nature even when you drive out of cities...

  5. i CHERISH my alone time these days and it doesn't come very often.
    so glad you got some much needed time.
    your photos are so pretty!
    i hope you have a wonderful week, amy!

  6. Gorgeous! Really gorgeous! I am alone a lot now that the boys are older, but I notice I fill the time with stuff that I must do instead of taking time to refresh. Thank you for the reminder!

  7. time to myself? rare indeed!
    I like to go to the stores, scrapbook, read a book, take a bath, edit pictures, anything!

  8. I love these pics, they're all so peaceful! It's great getting away by yourself to capture the things around you every once in a while <3

  9. These photos are so pretty! I especially love the one with the barn...that needs to be on display! If I had time to myself I would go to thrift stores, estate sales,antique stores... You get the drift! Those places are just not so fun with a two, four and seven year old in tow!

  10. The photo of the church interior is beautiful. Don't tell your mom on me, but I take pictures at church too.....I also really enjoyed the photo with the thin branches of the tree in the foreground and the lake beyond. Beautiful. I too NEED to have alone time, I am a better person because of it, and I am pretty likely to take my camera with me as well!


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