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Saturday, February 11, 2012

*Thanks for all of the great comments yesterday, really...y'all are just the best.
And if you didn't read my "Day In The Life " post over at Annalea's go read it.

Check out the cute little necklaces my girl and I made last week...
A bag of wooden beads and a little paint is all it took.
I love the colors, I picked those out because if I had let Miss Charlotte it probably would
have been pink, all various shades of pink.

This was actually a great craft too because it kept her busy for quite a while.
I tried to tell her she should do another coat after the first dried but she didn't want to
and liked them that way she said.
I did two coats of paint on mine though.
I got my beads at Joann Fabrics for just a couple of dollars.
I love a fun, cheap project that actually turns out cute.
Don't you?

Next up?
More necklaces in rainbow colors.
Now that is going to be seriously cute, pictures to follow.


Another thing we made this week; heart-shaped crayons for Charlotte's preschool class.
I have done this before for my own kids and also for gifts but I thought it would be cute to
give one to each of the kids in her class for Valentine's Day.
So simple and cheap and the kids can help, too.
Just unwrap crayons, break them in smaller pieces and then melt them in the oven.
We melted ours in heart-shaped silicone baking cups at 350* for 5 minutes or so.
Take them out and let them cool.
I got my Wilton baking cups at a craft store a couple of years ago after Valentine's day for
like 75% off. I love after-holiday bargains like that because ummm....I'm cheap and I'm not
spending twelve dollars on baking cups.

Wow, that's a lot of color.
Happy Weekend, friends.
The kids and Eric are headed to the open gym again this morning and I
think I will sit right here with my coffee and new Artful Blogging magazine.
Then at some point I have to get up and clean the house, I have to.


  1. As a momma of two who LOVE color and creating, this is a perfect post for our home:) Your necklaces and valentine crayons turned out adorably. I cant believe VD is this week! Gosh, where is time going?!

  2. Love the heart shaped crayons. I want to do that with my niece. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Ha guess what's going on at my house on a cold sunday morning: We were planning on making those crayons for preschool ,too. Funny(Pinterest is cool)!!!!!Tomorrow will be my lucky No 13, My little one will be 3. What happened to my baby!!!!!!Whaaaaa. Have a great Sunday

  4. Oh my...look at all that color! It's beautiful!


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