Spring, Sickness and Other Stuff

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Oh, this week has just been screaming Spring.
Screaming it, I tell ya.
The windows are open-even for sleeping!- the storm windows are up and the breeze is
blowing the curtains.
The sun is shining.
The birds are singing, literally.

{ kitchen window}

It is such a wonderful feeling to open everything up, go barefoot, wear short-sleeves, not
wear heavy coats and play outside.
Things are just barely starting to turn green, slowly.
Neighbors are outside and working in their yards...you can hear saws and hammers and it is
the beginning of a new Season.
I am in love with Spring all over again.

It has also really been an "off " week though, too.
Charlotte has now missed the whole week of preschool and everyone's sleep has been
seriously lacking and messed up, hers and mine most of all.
Because of that, there has not been a whole lot of time outside so I have been enjoying the
arrival of Spring a lot from inside.
I have had coffee on the front porch, read out on the patio and worked a little in the yard
when I am not hanging out on the couch and watching movies with her.
But that's okay, there is plenty of time for all things outdoors, I just want my girl to feel better.

Last night we cooked out for the first time this year and I made a fruit pizza for dessert.
I love fruit pizza and it is so easy.
I used this recipe but I just made it as a pizza, not cookies...and I only used about half of the
amount of cool whip because that's all I had. Yummmy.
Last night/afternoon Charlotte also took a 3 1/2 hour nap and then couldn't fall asleep
until late, which means I stayed up way too late again watching the
ID(investigative discovery) channel.
I am hooked on it and the funny thing is I never really watched it until my mom
gave it up for lent. Mmmm hmmm, you heard that right, she gave it up for lent because
she said she was becoming too addicted and had it on all the time. Ha.

On Sunday at my niece's birthday party we tried, really tried, to get a good picture of all
the cousins in my immediate family; my kids, my sister's and my brother's.
It didn't work.
Not a really good one anyway, which my mom has been asking for now for about 9 months or so.
Wyatt blinked in nearly every other picture and the ones he didn't blink in someone else wasn't
looking, was picking their nose, had their head turned...you name it.

And lastly, the perfect Spring treat for the kids; chocolate pudding, crushed up Oreos and
gummy worms.

I still love getting a new magazines in the mail.
I love my blogs and the whole online world but I do love a good-old fashioned magazine, too.
You can probably find me here today....

Happy Thursday.
Hope it's a good one!


  1. i love your new header!!
    and your table cloth

  2. The new header is AWESOME! And thos kitchen curtains are so dreamy. I've been meaning to get a subscription for country living, I think you've just convinced me!

  3. It looks like you are pretty much having a perfect week! I love it : ) Spring weather is always so fantastic, isn't it? I can't get enough. I am so worried that our winter was so breezy and easy that we are in for some spring snow. OH NO!

  4. hope charlotte is better soon!
    ava has been sick for a couple of days now with a cold that savie and I started getting on monday (we have fought it off pretty well) but poor ava is the worst!

    I think that photo of the cousins and the one you posted already, the b/w are PERFECT in the imperfection! who wants a perfect photo anyway!?~! (I know gramma right?!)

  5. I'm so jealous of your warm weather! We are not having that here... I agree with you on the magazines! I am a magazine junkie and can't resist buying any new good ones I see come out. Have you seen the new Country Home one? I think it is just a special publication and not sure if it's reruns of old stuff either. Either way I'll probably get it! Enjoy your Spring day today!

  6. Ack! you've reminded me that i let my country living subscription lapse. oops. i do love looking through a real magazine.

  7. i want to come and sit on that blue chair and chat about decorating!
    over coffee, of course! :)
    spring has sprung for sure and we are LOVING having the windows open, too! YAY!

  8. We always go from furnace to a/c...allergies are to blame. It got up to 87 here today. Crazy! Hope your little feels better. That's hard.


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