{Virtual Coffee}

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Hello there my coffee-drinking friends.
Good morning.
Happy Tuesday and happy 70* weather here today.

Pull up a chair, plop yourself down on the floor, get comfy on the couch or if you're at work,
take a quick break and have coffee with me this morning.
It is a beautiful morning and I am having my coffee out on the front porch.
Let me repeat that, I am having my coffee this morning OUT ON THE PORCH.
Pure bliss I tell ya.
It might take a little extra coffee today though...as Charlotte was up a bunch in the night and
I had to make a grocery store run for medicine at 4:00 a.m.

{old pic, we don't have leaves quite yet here}

So, if we were really meeting for coffee this morning....

I would tell ya that somehow I thought that Wyatt's sickness wouldn't spread to the rest of the
family but now Charlotte has it.
She started feeling bad Sunday night, just like he did a week ago Sunday.
So, she stayed home from school and hopefully this will not last too long or be any worse
than he had it.
Every single time one of my kids is sick I am reminded how grateful I am that I am able to stay
home with them and not have to stress over missing work, who will watch them, etc.
One day that will change so I really appreciate it right now, so much.
I am also reminded how my heart aches for parents of seriously ill children because I know
how I worry when it is just little minor things like the flu and viruses and ear infections.

Daylight Savings Time.
I had no idea it was even coming up until my mom told me the day before, ha.
Oh, but I do love me some DST.
Last night it was light out until almost 7:30 and it is still light out when Eric gets home from work.
I could care less about losing an hour of sleep because I love the extra hour of daylight so much.

And speaking of day light and sun, we had a beautiful sunny weekend.
It was in the 60's and sunny and the kids got to play outside more in just one weekend then
they had in so long. We are so ready for playing outside, working outside and fresh air.
Have I told you lately how happy sunlight and fresh air makes me?!

Sunday was my niece's 1st Birthday.
We spent Saturday at my parent's while my mom and my niece made all of the delicious
cupcakes, cake pops and treats for the party.
The kids got cousin-time on Saturday and Sunday, they were so happy.
I love seeing them all play together.

I plan to get back at the house again this week now that the playroom is pretty much finished
for now. I need to clean, scrub, spray paint, hang things and start working out in the yard.
I think I am ready for some serious Spring Cleaning.
How about you, do you actually do Spring Cleaning?
Oh, and speaking of hanging things...one of our maps got hung over the weekend.
I like it.
The other map is actually my favorite and that one is going somewhere on the main floor, I just
need to decide where.

If we were really meeting for coffee this morning I would have to tell you how it has now been
a whole 20 days since I have had a pop. Remember how I gave it up for lent?
Yep, still haven't had one...guess I am just half-way there now(is that all?).
To tell you the truth it hasn't been quite as bad as I thought it might be but over the weekend
we were out running around and my throat was a little sore and I could not stop thinking
about how good a fountain drink would have been right then...but I got over it.

So tell me what is going on with you...how's the weather where you are...do you have a
Spring Break coming up...are you going anywhere?
Hope you all have a great day, thanks for stopping by for coffee.


  1. The map looks fantastic! And way to go on the no pop journey! Wish we could sip our coffees together on the porch and talk about life!
    Have a great day friend!

  2. Great job on the no pop!(And I love that you call it pop,just as we do here in PA)

    I have given it up too.Not for lent but all together. Last weekend when we had a party for my mom my brother brought Dr.Pepper. Oh,it was torture!! I let my big kids finish it off this weekend. I'm glad to have it gone!

    I'm seriously jealous over those maps. My friends hubby works for a local elementary school. Wonder what he could get his hands on for me.......

  3. I did half of my spring cleaning last week and I plan on finishing up this week. I know what you mean about being able to stay home. I can't image being away from my sick babies. Even though I complain, I would never want anyone else to care for them. It sounds a bit possessive I know, but I just love them fiercely. As you know... Also, I have been LOOOOOVING this sunshine.

    Happy 1st birthday to your sobrina, Veda. :)) CUTE cousin pics!

  4. it's gorgeous here, supposed to be 77 on wednesday. yay! the bad thing is we are all sick with colds YUK>

    hope charlotte is better soon!
    LOVE that cousins photo, so perfect and it made me sad that we are 9 hours away from most of our family....

    have a great day!
    we aren't going anywhere for Spring Break, we NEVER do!

  5. Hope your kids feel better...I know how it is...we have been going through a viscious circle of illness all Winter. Thanks for having me here..this is my first virtual coffee link up and hope to join many more. Love your blog, and ooohhh lovin the mapin the room...nice! Mica/ The Child's Paper

  6. Loving the last few days!:)
    Spring cleaning is under way and i'm ready for all fresh and new.
    sorry charlotte is sick and i know exactly how you feel about being so thankful for minor colds and sniffles.
    have a happy day amy

  7. hoooooorayyyy for coffee outside in MARCH!! it's gorgeous here today too. i love spring. LOVE it! i also love where you hung your new map. it looks so cool there. i have a project i want to do with maps in the boys room too...you've given me hope that it'll be super cute :)

  8. I hope Charlotte gets better SOON!!! And that map looks fantastic!

  9. Yay for double digit temperatures! We are almost there but I will say I am grateful to be back in shoes. And spring cleaning? You're kidding, right? Except this year I am going to clean everything. Oh yeah. And more than half of what is in this house is going to charity, in the recycle bin or in the bin-bin. Ha! Can't wait to get started!

  10. First off I'm digging the new header...LOVE IT! And I'm so jealous you were out on the porch drinking coffee this morning. Sounds like bliss...

    And it's nice to hear that someone is excited for the extra hour. I have to admit, once my morning routine gets back in sync I'll feel better about it, but right now it still feels like I'm getting up at 4:30 instead of 5:30...GAH!!!

    Sorry the munchkins were/are sick. I get what you said about worrying. I totally do that, one itty bitty runny nose and I start the mom worry. I guess it just comes with the territory...we just don't like it when the little ones aren't themselves. :-)

    Anyway, I've babbled on long enough. Thanks for coffee and have a great week.

  11. I will be doing my own version of spring cleaning this year. (Catching up on getting things in order in our new home.)

    My hubby and I will be taking a little trip next month. Always something to look forward to.

    Hope your daughter feels better soon!

  12. As a working mother, when kids get sick it so much added stress to already having your kid not feel well, so true. And I agree, whenever my kids get even just a little sick, I can't help thinking about all those parents who have it worse, when just a few extra days of fever can get me paranoid. I don't do an actual spring cleaning but I do get into those phases a few times a year where I just feel like scrubbing and cleaning everything out. The weather has been beautiful here in Italy too, we have had picnics at the park and a lot more outside time too. Thank you for this coffee break at work!

  13. so lovely to see the kids all together - why do pics look better in b+w???
    and love the map over the bed!
    thanks for coffee and chat - it's been a good one this week :)

  14. I could not make it for coffee this week and let me tell you, I truly missed it. Is that weird???? I cannot wait to show you my thrifting find in a couple days( I still need to go and pick it up).Over here the weather went straight to summer and it is already a must to have the AC on( we are way in the 80s) and lots of deodorant in stock. I am almost ready to make Iced coffee, almost ;)


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