Ten On Ten :: March

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Happy 10 on 10.
I totally would not have remembered again this month had I not checked instagram Saturday
morning and saw someone mention it.
Hoooray for not missing this month!

Today was a beautiful, sunny, busy day.
A good Saturday.
I had to make a birthday cake first thing this morning, then off to the birthday party, quick stop at
an antique store with the kids, then a few hours of hanging out at my parent's house with the cousins.
It was so nice for them all to get to play outside for a little bit, fresh air and sunshine really does
work wonders, huh?

{Photos are a mix of camera and iphone}

So much sunshine in these pictures makes me HAPPY.
This mama is ready for Spring.
Happy Sunday everyone, hope you have a great day!
We are celebrating my sweet little nieces 1st Birthday today.
How did that happen so fast?!

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  1. Yay for sunshine!

    Yay for birthdays!

    Yay for ten on ten {capturing perfect little moments}

    and yay!!! ... just yay!!!


    I didn't do ten on ten this time. Not because I forgot, but because I'm taking the weekend off from blogging. I did take pictures though... I think I will always take pictures on that day from now on. lol...

  2. Cute pictures! That cake is awesome.

  3. Lovely photos....I agree, the cake is awesome!

  4. beautiful photos and happiness for sunshine! this mama is ready for spring too ;)

  5. oh the sunshine this weekend amy!!!
    have a happy day

  6. Love the cake. We had wonderful sunshine in our part of the world too.


  7. great set Amy! I even put my camera by my bedside and then still had a fail on the whole 10 on 10 thing.


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