Bucket List

Saturday, April 28, 2012

look, here are some pictures...
and they are not of my kids.
i do take lots of pictures of my kids because i like to and it's easy...
they are near me all the time and they are kinda cute, too.
but i love taking pictures of other things, lots of other things.

i love rusty things and old things...urban things and things in nature...
run-down and broken things.
i love old buildings and forgotten things...vintage signs and random things.


i love it when i get a chance to step out of my home-kids-daily life box and get out there with
my nikon and take pictures of other things that i love.
i think it would be so cool to live in a big city, where every time you turned around you were
looking at something you wanted to photograph, things that were completely unlike the things
i am surrounded by in my daily life.
i think a trip to new york city, just me and my camera, needs to be on my bucket list-
i mean, if i had a bucket list..which i guess i don't.
but i think i just started one: 
1. NYC,  just me and my camera

how fun would that be?


  1. Love that Chevrolet and the pop machines! I love your vintage take on everything! ~ I finally got instagram for Android and started trying to figure it out. I am now one of your followers there. Have a great weekend!

  2. beauty-full. and the thought of taking my kids to nyc is horrific, so ya...just me and my camcam sounds pretty darn good :)

  3. I will meet you in NY~ I have always wanted to go there, it's a dream of mine! I need to start a Bucket list!


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