Michael Jackson, Miss Piggy and a Break

Thursday, April 26, 2012

I read this post this week and it really hit home with me.
And man, she is  just such a good writer, too.
And her photography skills? Amazing.

So anyway, here is a little bit of the complete random-ness that is on my mind lately...
Normally, if I don't feel like blogging, I don't do it.
I just usually feel like it I guess, it is an outlet for me and I enjoy it.
I don't watch a lot of Tv, so this is kind of my break from reality, my zoning out time.
But I feel like my head is someplace else lately and I need a break.
Just to step away for a little bit, or at least spend a lot less time on the computer for a week or
so...I'm not, nor do I want to, give it all up.
You're stuck with me.

I have a lot of pictures and posts sitting in my draft box that I think I will post over the next
week but other than that, probably no "new" posting for me.
I will say that for now I am taking an indefinite break from Virtual Coffee....
I think maybe I am done there.
It was good while it lasted and I love that so many people participated and I "met" so many
friends from it.
All I know is that it has felt so much like a chore to me for a while now and I don't do well with
chores, I didn't want it to feel like an obligation...but it started to.


Today we had someone come by and give us estimates on a couple of things around the house...
things that would be significant financial investments(having huge trees removed, privacy fence)
and then that topic gets us going on other things, like...

How long do we plan on staying here in this house?
Is it wise to make investments like this if we aren't?
Is there ever going to be a job change?
And will that mean a move?
And if that means a possible move we shouldn't make these investments until the economy/
housing market is better...
And then there is the whole school thing.
Dear, Lord.
It all feels like there is so much stuff up in the air...and lots of it we don't really have any control
over, so it's hard to know what to do or think.

Are you tired of me talking about this same stuff all the time?
Because I am really kinda getting sick of thinking about it all.

Yesterday Charlotte and I were in the car and I put in Michael Jackson's "Off The Wall"

her: Who is this singing? It sounds like Miss Piggy
me: It's Michael Jackson
her: But is sounds like Miss Piggy
me: But it's not
her: Why doe she sound like Miss Piggy?
me: It's a him, it was a him...he died
her: (lightbulb going off)Did he have a woman's face?

She was completely serious.
When Michael Jackson died she was so confused over all of the news coverage ...she thought
it was a woman but why did he have a man's name, why were we calling him a "him"
...on and on.
I think she must have been three so it's understandable.

But this is the Michael Jackson I love.
I don't think I could ever get tired of seeing him do the moonwalk.
Okay, that's all.


  1. I loved michael jackson back in the 80's ahhh he was awesome!

    There is always so much to think about in life, it's hard to make decisions, you just have to do what feels RIGHT!

  2. i laughed the whole time i read the MJ part.
    and we had the SAME talks about investments and "how long" stuff this week.
    so lame.
    and i want to stop talking about it too.
    being a grown up sucks sometimes.

  3. I was a total Michael Jackson fan as a child... so it was sad when he died, although I did not really care for his latest music. But I loved all of it up to the end of the Eighties. He died on June 25 2009... I remember because it was the evening before my son was born.

  4. Funny...I've been listening to a lot of MJ lately too! Him, and a few Bob Marley favorites. Those two just get me in the right mood.

    I'm sorry to hear you'll be taking a break from Virtual Coffee as I do love those chats. But I TOTALLY understand the need to disconnect and just Be for a while. Do what you need to do to take care of YOU and the rest will follow. Here's hoping your break is nourishing and rejuvenating and everything you need it to be.

  5. My very favorite song by Michael is PYT. Anytime I want to really get a good deep clean going on in my household I pump up that song loud and play it over and over. Just a great song!

    I get exactly what you mean about not wanting a chore, when it is your outlet. ugh! I hate that feeling. I get it sometimes, too.

    But... I don't write or post pics unless I want to write and post pics. It is all about when to know how to say... nuh-uh, not today and maybe not tomorrow. lol!

    The same goes with reading other blogs. I visit the ones I love (like yours!) and sometimes get to check out new ones (or new-to-me) and it is completely in my control. I've never been the I'll read yours if you read mine type. Know what I mean? What I like- I read. What I don't- I won't. This "free" time is few and far between, right? :))

    Have a fan-flippin-tastic day, chica!


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