Hello, April

Monday, April 2, 2012

We welcomed in April down at the cabin with a family birthday celebration this weekend.
It was a beautiful weekend filled with all kinds of good things.
But today is Monday, back to the routine and schedule and all of the not-as-much-fun stuff.

Is the weather where you are perfectly Spring-like now, too?
It was almost ridiculously pretty this weekend, seriously.

Can you believe this is the week of Easter?
I feel like I suddenly have a huge to-do list; easter basket stuffings, an Easter dress for my girl
and an Easter bonnet, per her request.

This week promises to be a busy one, but we are looking forward to all things Spring, a four-day
weekend and celebrating Easter with our families this weekend.

Here are a few Easter/Spring things that are making me happy today- I am just dying over these rainbow rain boots, I can't even stand it.
Wonder why I always seem to get really get in the mood for the holiday, which ever holiday it may
be, until about the week of? Then I'm running out of time to decorate/make/order all the cute things
I see out there.
Oh well.

Source: houseofkids.com via Amy on Pinterest

Source: flickr.com via Amy on Pinterest

Hope April is off to a good start, and your week, too.
Happy Monday, see ya back here tomorrow for coffee.


  1. oh dear Lord.
    i can just see your beauty in a bonnet.
    for real.
    that is going to be ADORABLE!
    and the pics of the flowers are GORGEOUS!
    hope you get everything done that you want to this week!

  2. sweet charlotte, sophia wanted an easter hat too...so she got one, because i tear up at the cuteness of the idea alone ;)

    happy april to you too, sweet one.


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