{Virtual Coffee}

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Good Morning.
It's a coffee on the porch kind of morning today.
So grab a cup of your favorite morning(or afternoon) drink and join me.

If we were really meeting for coffee this morning....
I would tell you to excuse the yawns and semi-grumpiness, it's not you...it's me.
I have slept terrible for the last two nights because I wake up all night long thinking I feel ticks
crawling on me.
This si what happens when you spend the weekend at the Cabin in Spring--in the Spring after
such a mild Winter, things are just totally messed up.
Anyway, we found countless ticks there and some since we have been home. Gross.

We celebrated my brother's birthday at the cabin over the weekend.
It was beautiful weather and the kids got to spend pretty much the whole time outside which is
really good because seven kids and eight adults gets a little crowded inside.
Sunday morning we had an Easter egg hunt for the kids, the first of a couple they will have I am sure.

And speaking of Easter...
Do you celebrate? What are your plans? Are you travelling?
We will be celebrating with our families in town, no travelling for us.
I still need to find an Easter dress for Charlotte(along with a hat, at her request), and all the
fillings for their Easter baskets.
I think tonight we will color our Easter eggs because we have nothing going on and we will
all be home. I kind of love coloring Easter eggs if you wanna know the truth.

The lilacs are still blooming, I love this time of year.
I was sitting on the couch last night and the smell of them was coming through the front
window. We transplanted our lilac bush from Eric's parent's house a couple of years ago and
this is the best year for it so far.
The kids know how much I love them so they are always cutting them for me and I don't want
the bush to be empty but it is hard to say anything to them when they are being so sweet.

{Look, it's me, the Mommy Princess}

If we were really meeting for coffee this morning, I would tell you that I am still not quite
believing that it is April already. Wasn't it just January?! 
I cannot believe that we only have this month and next month of school and then we will
be out for the Summer. Already.
Kinda crazy.

Well, my quiet time alone is over and I have a lunch to pack and two kids to get ready for school.
Thanks for stopping by for coffee here this morning...tell me what is going on with you today.
How is everything?
Hope you all have a great Tuesday.

Ps- During my errand running this morning I think I might just go buy myself
Kelle Hampton's new book. I think I totally deserve a treat like that ; )


  1. Sorry to hear about all the ticks! We've got them too. :( Ugh. They seem worse this year than last year. I finally found a spray that should work on them though. Such nasty buggers they are. I swear they're evil and will outlive us all - even the cockroaches.

    Your photos are so pretty though - and so reminiscent of Easter! It's making me feel like I should go color some eggs. That's the part I love most!

    Enjoy your new book! And thanks, as always, for being such a lovely host!

  2. ahhh! lilacs.... after magnolias, they're my favourite trees :)
    hope you manage to get a nap or three... and wishing you a beautiful, blessed easter ***a big british bunny hug*** xx

  3. let us know how Kelle's book is!

    My friend on the border of IL and WI said she has tons of ticks in her yard this year! we haven't seen any yet and we were even in the woods here yesterday for an hour! hmmm weird! we have had the same mild winter you have had, so I should be seeing some. I need to check the girls again now because I am PARANOID of ticks!
    we are going to Upper Michigan (Ontonagon) where I grew up, for EAster! it's a 9 hour drive and I am SURE we will see ticks there. My parents live on 40 acres of nothing but TREES!
    have a great Easter!

  4. Lilacs...oooh you lucky duck! Those are easily my fave!

  5. hi amy!
    these pics are SWOON worthy!
    like the one of your son holding the blooms....LOVE!
    i seriously wish you could take my family's pics. for real. your gift is unbelievable!!!
    we just found easter dresses at old navy this year. well, my oldest got a cute shirt and my other daughter got a sweet floral dress. where's your favorite place to shop?
    i can't wait to see Charlotte in a bonnet!

  6. I have a little something for you at my place, just to let you know how much I look forward to reading every new, lovely post.


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