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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Remember how I just said I was going to be cutting back on my computer time and all that?
Yeah...totally not true.
Yesterday I pulled something in my back and it has gotten progressively worse as the evening went
on last night and into today. Not fun.
This happens to me several times a year now in my older age, and it sucks.
Luckily I am not completely down like I am a lot when this happens but still, it makes walking,
going upstairs, sleeping, bending over or doing pretty much anything difficult.
So, here I sit on the couch trying to figure out some of my editing options while my girl draws,
colors, plays with her Calico Critters and makes this day really easy on her mama.

Thanks so much for the suggestions yesterday in the comments and your emails regarding what you use, what you have tried in the past, etc.
I really do appreciate it.
I do not have Photoshop but think that is going to be a must, eventually...but for right now I
need to figure something out in the meantime.
I have not decided on anything but thought as I am playing around with a few different options,
I would share with you my experimenting.
And I thought it would be best to use the same photo to show you some of the different options.

These are all edited using Pixlr ....

Some pretty cool textures, stamps and effects.
I didn't see where you could do any collages but overall it was easy to use and super quick.
Okay, the countdown is on, less than two days to go with Picnik.
Ps- I love this print. Love, love.

                                                                                                           Source: via Amy on Pinterest


  1. yep it is true ipiccy, has collages now and it is free. Will try it today! Hope you feel better soon!

  2. Thanks Amy! I'll have to check out Pixlr as well. I have photoshop but use it rarely. I am planning to upgrade it and actually learn it, but I keep procrastinating. Besides, I haven't really needed it so far. Nice shot of Wyatt by the way.

  3. You know about picmonkey right? It's better than picnik and will eventually get collages.

  4. I have bookmarked quite a few, but nothing seems to have replaced Picnik for me yet. Love the photos you put together

  5. I recently discovered Fotoflexer, that also makes collages. It is free and very easy to use.

  6. I like It has a lot of filters that I enjoy.


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