Not The Break I Wanted...

Thursday, April 19, 2012

So this week has definitely not gone as planned.
I thought I would take a little blogging break, not completely but maybe just a post or two
 this week if I felt like it. 
I pictured more time outside, cleaning out my office and painting this cabinet-thing that sits
 in the dining room that I bought the paint for last week.
Nope, none of it has happened.

Instead,  I have spent more time on the couch, in bed and sitting around.
Almost as much time on the computer as usual...which is really too much.
My back is much better, thank you, but still not back to "normal".
This happens a couple of times a year and for some reason it still surprises me how
little I can actually do when it happens.
It's frustrating.
I just sit here and look around at all that needs to be done around the house.

I have done more writing than usual, more thinking and a little bit of planning;
Trying to figure out what we will and won't be doing this Summer.
I am big fan of the unplanned Summer.
I am not the mom trying to fill the days with camps and lessons and practices.
To me a great Summer is swimming, going barefoot every day and eating popsicles .
School is out next month, before Memorial Day this year...
I can't believe it!

We stopped at our first rummage sale of the season today.
Check out my vintage sunflower table cloth I scored for $1.10.
I wonder why they added on the ten cents, anyway?
Oh well. My table cloth, pink carnations, mini quilt and little cow make me happy.
I will just try and look at this table and forget that I have done basically no
laundry or cleaning at all this week.

Tomorrow morning we are going to visit our neighborhood school.
We have all been in the school and attended activities there but I want to go during the day so we can visit the classrooms.
I seriously thought that when we decided on a school before Wyatt started kindergarten
 that was the end of it for a while...
now we are back to wondering what to do for next year.
Stay or switch....I just don't know.
I have thought and thought and made lists and....
I just don't know what to do.

But you know what?
If we did switch they could walk to school, it would take them like 30 seconds.
Thirty seconds, people.
Lots to think about.
Sometimes being the parent and making the HARD decisions really sucks.
Then again, I am grateful that we have options and choices and the freedom to send
 our kids where ever we want to school--or even to school them at home if we choose.

How sweet is my niece with the Fisher Price phone?
She kept picking it up and attempting to say something like "hello",
then would want me to do it too over and over again.
I love that age, before the fits and all that crazy business starts.
Hope you all are having a great week.


  1. ughh. I have attemted that myself...planning sometimes never works. You just gotta get up and do it. I have to force myself sometimes. Here I am on the comp. and laundry needs to be done and my garage is a disaster. I procrastinate. ;(
    Hope you got some rest anyway. Have a great weekend which is approaching real quick like! Mica

  2. Oh gosh - you poor thing! I can only imagine how helpless you feel. FRUSTRATING!!!
    Hang in there!!!

  3. PS - OH, THE BOKEH!!!
    LOVE IT :D

  4. I understand completely...about the break thing. A 30 second walk would be hard to turn down. Decisions, decisions...

  5. Ugh it sucks when your body just won't cooperate with what you need to do! Hope you are feeling better.


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