A Week In The Life

Monday, April 23, 2012

This week I am going to do this; A Week In The Life.
I have wanted to before but it always seems just a little overwhelming, maybe too much of a commitment...
but then again I already do take pictures every day.
So I am doing it, starting today...starting right now.

The only thing I really need to do different than what I am already doing is to take notes on
our daily activities, chores, etc and then actually go print my pictures.
Why is that the hardest thing for me to do?


From Ali Edwards:

Some of you out there may be thinking: my life is boring or I do the same thing everyday or what story do I have to tell? As with many of the projects I have created, the documentation process is just as (and maybe more) important than the creative process of actually putting the album together. Most likely you will learn something about yourself over the course of this project. I learn something new every time.

I love Ali Edwards' way of documenting life, her blog is full of inspiration...
 love, love, love it.
This week I will be updating here with what I am doing and I will show you proof that
 I am actually printing my pictures and taking notes.
I can do this...I am doing this.

Happy Monday.


  1. Oh yes you can!

    Work it, mama. Have fun while doing it, too.


  2. sounds like fun. can't wait to see it:)

  3. I am doing it this week to!
    I do it at least 2-4x a year, LOVE IT!
    I also am doing Day in the Life on the 12th of every month, it's definitely less of a chore than a whole week! You should try that!
    have fun with it!

  4. Okay, this looks really cool. Although if I was to do this, I think I would have to do it during a week off work or something. I think taking pictures at work for a whole week might be a problem. But I'm going to read her post more thoroughly and see what I can come up with. Anxious to see your work.

  5. O.k. you made me wanna do this! So I think I'm going to. Can't wait to see your end results. I'll probably just display mine on the blog. Ew!, or it would be awesome to have one printed into a book to keep. Great idea! :)


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