Tuesday, April 24, 2012

From our walk yesterday evening around the neighborhood while
 the guys were at Boy Scouts...

The best time to go for a walk?
Right before sunset, I think.


From our day yesterday...
and if you are wondering who the "extra girls" are once a week, they are my nieces.
my brother's girls, i watch them one day a week.

Trying to document all the little things from my days this week for my
Week In The Life series--
laundry, lunch, our old-lady beagle, Phoebe, begging table-side like she does during
every meal, Charlotte and her (my) doll, Idaline Janine.
Little things I want to remember.


  1. This documenting your week idea is so good! I wish I had the self-discipline to do it!
    I'm sad though that you're not doing VC this week, as it's my last one. In any case, thanks for hosting it all this time!

  2. i LOVE that you are documenting your life like that!
    i totally want to do it, too, but would i actually DO IT?
    hmmmm.....good question! :)
    you take the loveliest photos, dear.


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