13 Things

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

13 random, just-popped-into-my-head as I am typing kind of things....
wanna join in? leave your 13 random things in the comments...or even just one or two.

1. i kind of really like the brad paisley song mud on the tires...and i am not even a BP fan, 
or a modern country music fan, for that matter. can we still be friends? please?

2. i love to see the sun rise, just love it.

3. i really wanna go to craft weekendi am on the waiting list.....

4. one day i will have a margarita machine in my house.

5. i love freshly bathed kids in their pajamas.

6. next month is my 12th anniversary...how in the hell did that happen?

7. i love cereal and never get tired of frosted mini-wheats. yum.

8. i have another library fine, this time it might be worse than before. i know, i know...

9. i am terrible with directions and love the compass on my iphone, i think it just
might have kinda changed my life. it's the little things, friends.

10. flowers make me happy--daisies, peonies, sunflowers, zinnias....i will take them all

11. i know it's wrong but i kinda love the show mob wives. trashy? 
 it sure is. i am not proud, just being honest.

12. i hate buying bras--who wants to spend a bunch of money on a bra? 
well, not me and they never fit perfectly which makes me like them even less.

13. we are planning a star wars backyard  party for the summer. i think i might even
  be more excited about it than the kids.

favorite bracelet.
"stronger than she thought"
oh yeah, i do love that.
from here. you should buy yourself one for mother's day.


happy wednesday.
11 more days until Summer vacation.


  1. I like my Frosted Mini-Wheats dry. Is that wrong?

    My hubby likes to think of library fines as a donation.

    Mob Wives is so wrong yet so dang fun.


  2. I REALLY WANT to go to Craft Weekend! But I'm afraid if I get picked I won't be able to go :(

  3. Isn't that If He's Anything Like Me song by Brad Paisley? Love that one. And that's an awesome bracelet!

  4. 1. i have one of those bracelets
    2. i can't go with you on the BP. just can't. sorry :-/
    3. those margarita machines are the best!! i don't have one, but i have a friend who does. the best!!
    4. today is our last official day of school.
    5. but they are playing with playmobil and i'm reading blogs
    6. i'm ready for my second cuppa jo
    7. my sister will be here on SUNDAY!!! so excited!
    8. i made her (and myself) a really fun mom's day gift yesterday...have to wait for THREE days for it to dry now!
    9.i love florence and the machine
    10. i have a half-sew dress on my sewing table i need to finish today for a guest post
    11. my to do list for the next three days is horrid.
    12. i have a big ol' basket of summer goodies to give my kids tomorrow for thier first day of summer break :)
    13. i've experiemented with lots of things in my crafty life this week; resin, new sewing machine, figured out a new stitch on my serger, sewed a dress from scratch...no pattern. i'm feeling craftily fulfilled :)

    13!! i did it!! but really, i could be random all day long.

  5. I had one of those bracelets also. I think I lost it when I took off an isolation gown at work. I see they are all sold so I have contacted Jeanne to see if I can get another. Love your blog!

  6. I'm dying to go to the Craft Weekend too! I check my email often, hoping and praying for my invite SOON! But I worry that something will come up or I will feel guilty spending the $475 on myself and end up not going :(
    I hate bras. I wear them, but hate the money.

  7. I can't believe your library fine is bigger than before!! You are going to lose your library privileges if you aren't careful!

    I love daisies! Yesterday when I went to visit my dad (He has Alzheimer's and is in memory support) They had several big bushes of them growing in front of the building. I tried to get a shot of them for Instagram, but the sprinklers were on, I was getting wet, and it didn't work so well.

  8. Love your random list of things! I will try to leave 13 also!

    1. I love the group the Cimarelli sisters on You Tube!

    2. We are moving to a small town in Upper Mi in 3 weeks and I am terrified! I grew up in a small town, I never wanted to live in one again.

    3. My sister and I are 10 months apart.

    4. I love listening to Christian Music!

    5. I don't know how to swim that well and it's scary!

    6. My mom washed my hair in the sink until I was like 14.

    7. my 5 older brothers used to set me and my sister in the middle of the family room and make us box and wrestle.

    8. I was my mom's only c-section out of 7 children, her baby.

    9. I love taking pictures, I can't live without a camera of some sort in my hand!

    10. I scrapbook so much that I have about 6 HUGE bins full of layouts that NEED to get into albums.

    11. I was a nanny for 10 years and I LOVED every second of it. I still dream about it because I miss it so much!

    12. I LOVE to cook and do laundry, weird I KNOW!

    13. I am loyal.


  9. When you get that margarita machine I will be moving in next door. I bought the perfect glasses at Good Will the other day. I'll share.


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