One Hour

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Good Morning.
I have one hour and about 15 minutes by myself at home before I go pick up Miss C
from preschool. It is such a short time between dropping her off, then him off,  that I usually
just  run and errand instead of going back home, but this morning I opted for a bit of quiet time at
home seeing that she only has two more days of school after today.
And one of them is a picnic, so really just one more day/hour to myself.
This is a little what I am doing, thinking, planning right now.

My super-hot-burn-your-mouth homemade Hillbilly Latte.
With extra cinnamon.

Daisies and bringing them inside.
They make me happy.
And how perfect do they look in my 10 cent rummage sale vase.

Piles of books, shelves of books, baskets of books...books are everywhere.
We could have much worse problems...even if the piles do tend to drive me a little crazy sometimes.
Luckily everyone in this house loves to read.

Myself that I will not buy any more vintage table cloths. For a while.
Maybe a week.
Oh, who am I kidding? They are way too hard to pass up.
Basket full of happiness right here.

{Reading & Researching}
This book.
Time to face the fact that gardeners are made and not least in my case, anyway.
We bought some seeds and a couple of plants and soil yesterday.
Flowers and herbs and veggies.
Charlotte and I will be getting our hands dirty this afternoon.
I can do this.

My mantle.
I have such a hard time decorating our fireplace mantle around a flat-screen Tv.
I don't like it, not one bit and may never get used to the Tv hogging up my mantle.
But, it really is the best spot for a Tv in our living room.
Oh well.

A baby pine tree Charlotte and Eric found in the back yard and dug up.
How cute is that?
So tiny.

Starting Mad Men, Season 1.
We came in a little later on this show, then quit watching for a while, so I am looking forward
to watching it from the beginning with Eric, a weekly show to watch together again.
Yay for the Public Library!

This little beauty.
Antique store find, $7.
Just look at that color.
Now to find a ribbon for it....hmmmm...

At my new cabinet/buffet/dresser thing.
I am in LOVE.
IN LOVE with this baby.
This is exactly what I have been looking for!
It is big, long and a sturdy well-made piece of furniture.
Tons of storage.
All it needs is a fresh coat of white paint and some new drawer pulls.
Did I mention it was $12 at a church rummage sale, then 50 % off?
$6.00 you guys!

That's it for me, my hour is up.
What are you up to today?
Hope you all have a great Tuesday.


  1. oh, yah!
    i absolutely love your finds and decor!
    so cheery!
    i am stealing your vintage table cloth idea.
    they look so cute rolled up!
    i just bought 5 last week at a rummage sale for $3.25.
    i have enough already, but just can't pass them up!
    happy day!

  2. i felt like i was sitting at the table with you! your house seems so bright & sunny... and hte goodies you find are so homey and sweet. my daughter would be all over that typewriter!!!!

    i think you are smart to take that one hour to sit & relax rather than run an errand today... breathe!!

  3. Love the table cloth idea! And that dresser is awesome! I just started my daughter in a pre school that is FOUR hours!! So excited! Thanks for sharing your last hour with us ;)

  4. everything in your house is so stinkin' adorable! seriously love your style girl. hope you enjoyed that brief 1 hour and 15 minutes;)

  5. Love this post! Your kids get out of school so early! We're not done until June 20th! UGH.

    Some words on your hour...

    Love cinnamon in my coffee too. Daisies are just beautiful and friendly! Yay that you have books galore and need to stack them! The pine tree is, indeed, adorable. So's the cabinet.

    Good luck with the garden!!

  6. Girl, you always find the best stuff! Seriously! I never find cute vintage table cloths like that. About the gardening, you can do it! :)


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