Bu-Bye, May & Hello Summer

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Wow, already the end of May, this month really does fly by.
May was good.
Busy, fun, hectic,  hot and packed full of lots of lasts-last days of school, the end of 
preschool, first grade field trips and the last day at our "old" school....

There was a much-anticipated book release, days with cousins, a trip to the Farm, 
a Pie Raffle,  breakfast in bed and a very special Mother's Day. 
A new doll house,  the first strawberries from the farmer's market, country drives, baseball, 
and planting a garden.

Yep, May was good but now we are ready for June and new routines and all it has to bring.
I am excited about the summer.
I don't want to have too high of expectations for the summer but last summer was not the best ever 
and I am hoping for a different sort of summer this year.
Last summer was all about living in my head and fear -panic, anxiety, dr. appts, tests, medication 
and a horrible cycle of little-to-no sleep.
It was a hard summer for me mentally and emotionally.
I was so tired from not sleeping at night that I could barely drag myself out of bed in the mornings.
I am ready for new challenges, changes and a new direction--but more on that later. 
Wish me luck!


Tomorrow I will be back with a post all about surviving this Summer at home with kids.
I have a plan...some ideas, projects, links and recipes I plan to share weekly.
Believe me, I fancy myself no expert on this matter but working with kids age birth-5 for so long
I think I do have a lot of ideas to share that might help someone else out.
If you have anything in particular you are looking for ideas on--crafts, recipes, day outings,
no-cost activities, indoor activities, outside activities, etc let me know.

Hope you all have a great day.
It's a little chilly and rainy here but we'll take it--we have no commitments and an open day...
I think I like it.

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  1. a lot can change in a year, huh :) excited to see your summer list!!


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