{13 Things}

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Thirteen things that make me HAPPY,  in no particular order....

1. Scoring at the church rummage sale
2. my hankie bunting in the back yard
3. my new Yo-yo sandals(rummage sale .25)
4. art time with the kids
5. how nicely our fence is coming along!
6. cousins rolling down the hill in grandma & grandpa's yard together
7. cupcake liners
8. day lilies that come up every year without fail
9. Ferris wheels
10. watching our garden grow
11. coffee to go
12. sparklers
13. this beautiful sunset we were lucky enough to see last night


how about you?
share your 13 things here.


  1. Love your photos.... Sooo pretty

  2. A beautiful collection. You have the best rummage sales. What a wonderful start to summer.

  3. i'm sorry????? were those katie daisy cupcake liners??? if not, they totally look like it! coolness! well, i just hot home from a long weekend, but since i love you so much i'll give you 13 things:
    1. clean towels
    2. books that suck you in
    3. clean sheets
    4. suntan lotion
    5. empty sinks
    6. freckles
    7. lists
    8. trader joe body wash in peppermint
    9. white slipcovers
    10. fresh ideas
    11. nothing on the calendar
    12. art projects
    13. early morning

  4. love all of your pictures they are beautiful!!


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